The annual salary of 15000000 of personnel appointments to brush friends circle, exposing the 3 major defects of the Hengda Group HR!

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renliziyuanguanli· 2017-12-15 04:52:59

" recently, Hengda Group on the Ren Zeping appointment notice maxed out the circle of friends, the monthly salary of $1 million 250 thousand, $15 million a year, the monthly tax of about 500000, almost every day to pay about 10000 dollars in taxes.

does not want to say anything, special he a daily tax is higher than my pre tax salary.

1500 million annual salary level, let alone person can offer, even a lot of seckill the performance of listed companies. In 2016, 394 A - share listed companies made less than 15 million yuan, and 9 listed companies did not reach 15 million yuan.

Xiaobian lamented the terrible salary, and made occupational disease again. This personnel notice is not like a professional HR, or even an amateur. Do



personnel appointments want to write salary?

has written a lot of appointment and dismissal notices, and has seen many appointment and dismissal notices.

, of course, Hengda HR also has its reasons for salary, for example, responding to the hearsay on Ren Zeping's entry into the 50 million annual salary of Hengda annual salary, such as high salary appointments, making employer brand, and letting more workplace people yearn for Hengda.

but even so, the little editor still feels that the notice is not appropriate for the remuneration.

, first of all, in 15 million of the senior executives, is a high level of . According to the "Chinese Economic Weekly" published data, 2016, Hengda executive compensation data are as follows:

" can be clearly seen in this table, Hengda to executives is very generous, vice chairman, President of the board of directors of the Xia Haijun annual salary of up to 270 million yuan He Miaoling, executive director and vice president of the annual salary of 15 million 614 thousand yuan.

but only these two senior executives are higher than 15 million, that is, Ren Zeping's annual salary level, in the everlasting row third ! This high salary number is suitable for everyone in the company to know?

secondly, airborne executives are easy to cause team dissatisfaction. If salary is much higher than other members of team, it is easy to cause team members' collective mood . This is also one of the reasons many companies emphasize the confidentiality of pay. Should the


notification line be strictly standardized?

to do HR will inevitably write the official document, the stroke of the pen can not be poor, the code of writing should also be a little particular.

Hengda is not a state-owned enterprise, but the standard of the red head document will never be wrong. But this notice is just a loophole everywhere.

letter number. The

document is divided into the uplink, the parallel and the downside. The letters and numbers of the parallel and the downside texts should be arranged in the middle; the uplink should be choreographed in the left empty word. The notice is a parallel text, and the number should be in the middle. should not be added and the name "character" and "the" two words, the year does not apply in square brackets [], should use the six corner brackets, the standardized layout should be our constant:

2017 205

document object.

short message object, Hengda HR from the punctuation to the statement is not standard. What are the "subordinate units"? "The subordinate units" was smooth, and the subordinate units are not subordinate to the "center, Department", required by commas, not stop. The correct expression should be: the

group center, the Department (room), the subordinate units

notify the text. The

line doesn't follow . The subject of "appointment to Comrade Ren Zeping XXX" is the company, and the following "mainly responsible for XXX" is the subject of Ren Zeping. It should be changed to: "Mr. Ren Zeping is the chief economist of Hengda Group (vice president level)... Mainly responsible for macroeconomic analysis... ". The

punctuation is disordered by . The text has three layers of meaning: job appointment, salary standard, and execution time. But there is not a period in the middle of the text.

"this notification" three words should be deleted from the . At the end of the notice, the three words of "this notice" have been repeated.

service time. The date of the

application of the Arabia number "December 4, 2017" can not be capitalized.

, to sum up, Hengda's "red head" in addition to the red head, almost everywhere is a problem. It is unavoidable to doubt the professional level of Hengda HR. How does


HR become more professional?

personnel management in some small details are easy to overlook, not only is HR professional, also damage the company's image, then, even cause disputes and losses...

HR... How to become more professional, has been an eternal topic, in addition to the usual work more and more attention, with the help of tools HR course . In the early days of

, Xiaobian introduced a software to help HR improve professional level -- I personnel, and here we are also giving you Amway. This software integrates the work of HR modules together, and it can be done by a platform.

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