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iphoneX is a crucial product for apple , not only because he has undertaken the important task of promoting Apple's growth, but also represents the direction of Apple's future mobile phone development. In an interview recently, Apple marketing President Phil Schiller said that facial recognition and full screen are the future of apple.

apple eyes face recognition is the future: fingerprint recognition has been (from TheVerge)

Schiller said that before iphoneX released some sound has expressed the hope that the retention of TouchID, but the final results we can see that the iphoneX user satisfaction strong comeback this argument. The user is very receptive to the FaceID function and is also very happy to use it. At the same time, Schiller believes that fingerprint identification is an outfit technology. On the screen,

said, Schiller said they had no such tangling when they gave up the entity Home key and used the full screen. They also believe that users will quickly adapt to new operations when they get their mobile phones. In the eyes of the apple, the future of the mobile phone must be a screen with a higher screen to match the face recognition technology, and the direction of Apple's development is the same.

Apple Corp co - founder Wozniak talked about how he felt when he was using iphoneX when he attended an event. In his view, TouchID is a better product than FaceID, and he wants apple to be able to use a post - Fingerprint Identification on iphoneX.

Wozniak said in iphoneX before the release of this mobile phone and have no interest in what the specific reason is not interested in him without explanation. However, Apple Corp CEO Tim · Cook insisted on giving him one and experiencing it. After he used it, he had a change, or he liked the phone very much.

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