Anna Gold: a cargo package is bought together and master Hou Yaohua

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xinlangyule· 2017-12-15 12:08:35

According to the December 15th

Sina entertainment news, recently, claiming Hou Yaohua apprentice Anna gold became popular in the network, her online drying out Hou Yaohua gave her bag off, he was friends expose was bought in Guangzhou a cargo, triggering laugh. Then Hou Yaohua brokers responded that she did not do the ceremony is not the first disciple, Anna king said in an interview, Hou Yaohua met with her for four years, has verbally accept her for acts, public opinion after fermentation, he asked by her to clarify the matter, and users of a package, Anna gold said two people go shopping to buy she said, "not sad", :

1 knew Hou Yaohua send your bag is a cargo? He gave you a you will not be happy?

is not sad. We went shopping together, and I knew that when I didn't want anything, he suddenly bought it. He bought it not only for me, he also bought other things to give people around us to buy things together. With his apprentice, son, brother, his assistant, colleagues ah, a lot of people.

2, you are the Sino French three countries mixed blood?

my mother is French, my father is Chinese and Vietnamese mixed blood. I was born in France, 3 years old to China. In China I came to Taiwan when I was almost more than 10 years old. Singapore, the United States, and Canada follow their parents to school. My parents are now retiring because they get married late, and I'm very late, and they retire in the United States for the aged. I can't stay in the United States, so I'm just going to come back and come back to develop. How are

3 and Chinese so good?

my father also speaks Chinese, and then in China, when I learn to speak, is that the Chinese environment? Thank you for complimenting me on my Chinese.

4, how did Hou Yaohua know it?

I was on show, is a large is not what, I also forget what's, when I came in the studio to know such an old master. Blame me, but at first his news was not very much, and he didn't say anything. He found a few news and sent it to me. He says it's all right. It was the news from the day before the day before. It was terrifying. He sent me from the morning, and I didn't speak, and I didn't speak. Then he sent one more at 10 in the evening, and he was not happy to see the news.

5, and after the event happened, Hou Yaohua you?

said how we would face his son and grandson. I think, is not the end of this impact on people? I immediately apologized to micro-blog, and I told him that you had made a statement saying that I had not received my apprentice, and I was hyped. It is better to say that you still clarify yourself, and I will give him the words, and I ask him this line. But I don't think it's very good. I finally got a draft and I said that's right. I've got it first. It's about 12.

6, what do you think about the negative comments on your comments now?

net friends how I can not control, the people scolded that scolding me, that I can say you shut up, you do not say. People are willing to scold you enough to support, I can not manage the leisure.

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