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huanqiuwang· 2016-05-16 13:35:55

[global network of military May 16 daily global times in American, Japan and German freelance reporter Ding Xiaoxi Aoki Global Times reporter Liu Yang Ni Hao Liu Yupeng] in the Pentagon released hall, Zhi Qiang Deng told reporters that the United States respond to changes on the Chinese military's three core is: reduce the risk, to seek cooperation and maintain a military advantage. In terms of cooperation, he noted the U. S. - China military 2015 at sea and air meet the rules made progress armies in the public products and services (such as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief) also space for cooperation.

what is the basis of cooperation? The answer is obviously not trust. Yang Yujun 14, said the United States year after year issued the so-called China's military and security development situation report, seriously damage the mutual trust and the development of Sino US military relations are contrary to the momentum of development. How will the evolution of Sino US

in the South China Sea wrestling? Japanese television 14 said, at least at the moment, both China and the United States are not direct confrontation with the intention, the Pentagon report just the situation warned also believes that China itself also understand, if the area is not stable, it will lead to the economic development of affected, so reluctant to work with the United States direct military conflict.

with Philippines's unilateral push of the South China Sea arbitration case is about to announce the results of the arbitration, China and the United States has a great chance to launch a new round of competition around the South China Sea issue. Washington think tank scholars, people began to China over the South China Sea against, such as at the Council on foreign relations scholar Patrick's proposal, to make China as soon as possible to find a face saving and then to cool down the situation way. Director of the center for American studies, Renmin University of China < Shi 15, said that the United States in recent years the introduction of "report on China's military power, that the fear and worry more and more formal, especially in the Western Pacific, feel the United States to China's threat to it more and more. But China and the United States to prevent a serious confrontation in the strategic areas.

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