Entrance examination to enter the countdown quickly buy a postgraduate study "double insurance"

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is the day for postgraduate study in 10 days. As the college entrance examination, a bridge to thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers through the examination, a tiny bit errors, it will affect the results. With the growing strength of the entrance examination, the white hot competition is self-evident. Besides, postgraduate students often concentrate on reviewing exams and have no time to prepare for employment. Therefore, once a postgraduate entrance examination fails, it is likely to be faced with an embarrassing situation of "graduation is unemployment". I do not know, there are some heart machine deep children's shoes, have bought their own double insurance.

side side of PubMed, ready to go abroad! "

" at home if you can successfully pass the exam, of course, very good, if the weather is unpredictable if it is not possible to continue to graduate, Why not??

UK for the season, began from the year before enrollment, in September next year the commencement of the course, can now help you to submit the entrusted institutions abroad school applications, and then read the heart next to the entrance examination.

in February examination results came out, offer has already received, and then make the choice, not delay on both sides, simply wise ~

"double insurance" to early intend

although "double insurance" is a good choice, but also should pay attention to, apply as early as possible.

many students often hesitate, dragging delay until the result of the February test results before starting to apply. This time is often not the best time to apply, and many colleges have closed their applications and have finished offer.

now the first round of applications in Britain is coming to an end in 2018. Most students' applications have been delivered. Many students have got the offer accepted in 2018.

this stage has not been prepared for students to pay attention, some schools have announced the 2018/19 application deadline. Master of Business School of Durham University, January 31, 2018

closed application: February 3, 2018 /3 month master of University of Birmingham School of business in 9 closed on request:

School of business at University of Leeds, financial professional accounting, banking professional will also be in the March 31st deadline:

of the University of Edinburgh business school from this year began to close the application. The deadline for business schools is much earlier than other schools, mainly because the number of applicants is very large.

University of Edinburgh business school application deadline:

first round: October 18, 2017

second round: December 13, 2017


< strong> ended February 21, 2018 fourth round: April 18, 2018

fifth round: June 13, 2018


British universities tend to have a reasonable entrance many humane requirements become more and more students choose to graduate. Let's look at the advantages of studying in Britain now.

so powerful

academic as the birthplace of modern higher education, the UK has a high proportion of high-quality university, more than 100 universities, 30 universities in the world university rankings of the top 200 finalists, has a prominent advantage in education.

2018QS global university rankings, there are 14 British colleges and universities in the top 100, 4 into the top 10.

2018 times higher education university rankings, Britain has 12 colleges and universities into the top 100, 3 into the top 10, and the top two in Cambridge, Oxford.

is a cost-effective

graduate student for a year, which is much shorter than domestic graduate students. In recent years, with the problem of Britain's removal of Europe, the exchange rate of the British pound has continued to decline, and the total cost of studying in Britain has been significantly lower than in the past.

students who have student visa can also have 20 hours of legal working time per week, and can also increase their social experience and earn their income at the same time after studying. It's not a good exercise.

language test advantage

British university widely recognized IELTS scores, in addition to individual schools, individual subjects need to add GRE/GMAT, IELTS score is a language test that students need to take part in.

four parts of listening, speaking, reading and writing of IELTS are not far away for students. After a period of systematic training, most of the students can meet the requirements of graduate admission, or add the requirements of language classes. One of the

English is a compulsory subject in domestic postgraduate training and postgraduate English, can at the same time.

school dormitory environment

British people are generally very respectful of personal privacy, so the possibility of a couple of people to live in a room is almost zero. Most of the cases are a room for each person, and then share the bathroom or the kitchen. Such a design will not make your personal life too isolated and personal privacy.

British universities will also give priority to international students on campus accommodation. For students who are away from home for the first time and come to a strange environment, the school dormitories include water, electricity, network and other expenses, which are convenient and reduce the contradiction between the cost sharing among students.

eye widening

when a person goes abroad when a person is young, he can learn more than only

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