How long does it take to memorize the words in the GRE exam? A detailed list of vocabulary memory arrangements


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In the process of reviewing the new GRE test,

needs to plan the recitation time of the GRE vocabulary first. The GRE vocabulary planning is also a very important part, which allows us to plan the GRE vocabulary timeline and to recite the GRE vocabulary according to the rules.


first time to recite vocabulary planning suggest that students in about a month to complete vocabulary preparation, every time according to the basic level of English to spend their own different may differ, with a month back in your hand vocabulary book prevail. Remember, the process of reciting words is boring, but please do stick to it. At this stage, other preparations for the examination will be much better after that. Of course, this process requires great perseverance and determination.

GRE vocabulary recitation tips

can usually use small skills and methods to assist in memory. For example, a variety of GRE reading materials, various magazine articles reading, in the process of the consolidation and accumulation of vocabulary. And then begin to be familiar with Zhenti, exercise their own to master and use these words, in practice such as some vocabulary analogy antisense summary. After all these work has been completed, it is to further expand and expand the vocabulary that has been established. To grasp the meaning of

GRE words,

should always pay attention to its deep and precise understanding of lexical meaning in the whole recitation process, because this is often the key to solving problems, and it is also the cause of errors. The Wechsler dictionary is a natural tool. Others can also refer to some auxiliary materials such as the M-W interpretation of the vocabulary of the Red Treasure book, and in the process of preparing for the examination, we should form a good habit of looking up the words.

hope that the new GRE vocabulary recitation time planning skills and time schedule introduced above can help you to overcome the new GRE vocabulary difficulties and achieve the desired results.

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