GRE should avoidmaking 4 words back down to earth to lay the method introduced basic vocabulary


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, for candidates who are preparing for GRE examination, the first challenge and difficulty is probably to memorize the GRE vocabulary quickly and keep the words they will not forget in the short term. What is the most effective and practical approach, let's look at it together.

" strictly adhere to the repeated memory in memory

GRE whole process of vocabulary, students physical and mental experience a test, the body will produce fatigue long recite the words difficult to avoid, but the spirit is more prone to all sorts of emotional burnout, feel difficult to continue. At this time, it is particularly valuable and important to adhere to the two words. Repeated memory, repeated recitation, GRE vocabulary is not a shortcut.

formulated the detailed word recite time plan.

worked out a strict 2-3 month back word plan and effective use of vocabulary memorization. It's very important to memorize 3-5 times vocabulary books quickly, and to build a deep impression on words. For the candidates to prepare for the GRE test, the word book is absolutely unavoidable. At the same time, for any level of English learners, when picking up a thick GRE vocabulary book, it will mean a challenge, which will mean a good start for improving the nature of English learning.

examinees generally take 2--3 months to repeat memorizing words. After 3-5 times, there is a minimum of fuzzy and impressions on the shape and meaning of the word. After this, the examinee can use the topic to deepen the further memory and understanding of the vocabulary.


every word back ready to take GRE candidates, English level is different, the so-called "what core vocabulary and vocabulary" may not apply to each candidate, so everyone back words, the best in accordance with a complete line of 46 words + GRE vocabulary to recite the vocabulary system remember, not only the basic vocabulary and put those difficult words capture down, lay a solid foundation.

is the foundation of vocabulary. It is essential for

to mention the basic words and GRE core words mentioned above. GRE will ensure that candidates don't have any word barriers in reading. The two part of a total of more than 8000 words may not sound like a small number, but in fact only candidates tend to have the 1/3 or so, we need to make a basic vocabulary. For the remaining 2/3 words, a strict 2-3 month memorization plan and effective vocabulary memorization method should be worked out, instead of trying to break through the GRE word in 10 days. Above

is the new GRE vocabulary learning methods. You can learn from your own circumstances, choose feasible plans and carry out the word memorizing project continuously, believing that you will get some rewards.

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