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The new

GRE vocabulary amazing, to remember a large vocabulary in the preparation time is limited, so essential, efficient memory method, which is relatively easy to use words method, here we select some good way to share with you friends of the test.

new GRE vocabulary efficient memory method: summarize synonyms, form close words, easy to blend words, memorize words not only to memorize words, but also to summarize on the back. A summary of the work is usually done on the back to second or third times. In the process of quick reading, you will hesitate, it seems that some words have been seen, some of the word meaning is similar, but the degree is different. Then we need to take out the paper and pen to start the record. The process of summing up is the process of deepening the memory. Although the GRE filling question is not considered in this form, the purpose of discrimination in the mind has been reached.

, for example, there are several words in the GRE lexicon that have the meaning of "belittle". A list is used to summarize all words that have similar meanings, so the process of assembling memory is to memorize all "depreciating".

, such a notebook, should be taken out for a long time to see. It needs to know that it is such mixed words, synonyms and near words, which are easy to confuse people.

new GRE vocabulary efficient memory method: quickly turn to calligraphy,

, do not sympathize with your words when you recite words, be sure to recite 30 pages or more at a time. The most important thing is that the speed is faster. The reason why

speed is very important in the review of GRE vocabulary is because of the fact that there are so many GRE words. If you don't look faster, you can't see it. A lot of students before exams for the GRE vocabulary memory still remain in the about series A word, finally planted in the lack of vocabulary is as clear as noonday.

on the other hand, by Daniel said Ebbinghaus memory curve rotten is indeed able to withstand heavy battering the truth. The memory of a person does quickly decline in second days. The quicker the first remember, the shorter the time it takes to complete the whole vocabulary book, and the shorter the interval between second times, the more effective the review will be. Of course, the better way is to recite the 30 pages one time and return these words again in two hours. It is almost impossible to memorized the words, but the effect of deepening the memory over and over is very reliable. So "fast + repetition" is an important heart method of vocabulary memory.

don't expect to see a word for 10 minutes and you know it, and it doesn't make sense to remember it in the end. The time you assign to each word must be short. Look at the words to look out for the following parts: word, part of speech (remember appearance), meaning (estimated usage) (note appraise). If you can, you can also develop the features of a word to help you remember, but it doesn't take too much time. Here, the second time is to emphasize that most of the GRE vocabularies are to recognize words and recognize them. Don't spend time remembering spelling. You will see it several times in your lifetime. You don't need to be familiar with it.

new GRE vocabulary efficient memory method: many word books parallel

, generally speaking, only memorizing a vocabulary book is difficult to completely cover the vocabulary consumption demand of the entire GRE test. For example, the most classic vocabulary of red book, although after several amendments, and in 2011 changed to GRE after the test, the red book and modified once, but there are still partial vocabulary meaning, Chinese interpretation problems are not allowed. The greatest parallelism of a number of word books is that a few vocabulary books can be changed to reduce visual fatigue and avoid misunderstandings in the position of words. Above

is the introduction to the GRE vocabulary selection and efficient memory method in the GRE exam. I hope you can take the GRE exam seriously, read this article, help yourself memorizing GRE vocabulary effectively.

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