Do not merge, ofo and Mobell investors leave

Mobell ofo by bike sharing

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Hao into the last month of 2017, about ofo and Mobell merger news as one falls, another rises. Unlike in the past, this wave of shouting 'together' is not someone else, it's the investor of both sides. Wang Gang Zhu Xiaohu, an early investor ofo, then the A round investors Liu Erhai mobell. Everyone is passing a voice: merger is the best way out.

some time ago I had said before, see the negative news ofo and Mobell, the first feeling is both PR in secret rivalry; now see the negative news from both sides, the first feeling is both hard in the hands of investors. At the same time understanding the two investors, a year ago, two people in the circle of friends who are not satisfied with who, usually their own forwarding news all over the past six months, the two sides snide; first is the beginning of each point of praise, then all in love, as in 1971 after the Sino US relations.

is the essence of the play. Before the education of vertical electric business, O2O, taxi software and so on, investors knew from the beginning what the outcome of the shared bicycle is, but every drama must be able to count. On the surface, Zhu Xiaohu has been playing his face, and he really enjoys it, because every time he hits it, he is close to it once.

Liu Erhai is the v-mobile investor, but his pleasure is mainly because the v-mobile capital investment, Li Bin. Early investment was the investment, and Liu Erhai was an angel investor. The two uncle said he hoped the two would be merged, and in some way this represents Li Bin's voice. The car is Li Bin French, v-mobile is British afternoon tea.

we all know the big merger between the two super unicorns: one is the American League + review, the other is a drop + fast. The four companies were financing a lot before merging, but there was one thing in common. Three companies, especially the combined leader, had entered AT before B. Ofo and Mobell not. When AT entered the two, it was after the C wheel, which meant a lot of money and more demand. It's a reason why the merger has been dystocia.

shared bicycles may be the last war in China that was launched by a start-up company, made by capital and supported by the giant. AI and the new super retail outlet, but the giant can roll up its sleeves dry. Ofo and Mobell Sike today on this child, because the interests behind the relationship than the U.S. mission and comments, drops and fast, more complex.

first, both sides have a strong investor CP. Ofo is the earliest investors in Wang Gang and Zhu Xiaohu, the two is the early investor drops, ofo for them is zhaomaohuahu. All experienced, deep and deep. Mobell early investors is Li Bin and Liu Erhai. Compared with Wang and Zhu duo, Li and Liu were even more cooperation. Liu Erhai had invested Li Bin BITAUTO, BITAUTO listed and achievements of the angel investor Li Bin. Later, Li Bin voted, and Liu Erhai threw it. So, ofo and Mobell of the two companies, angel investors and A round investors, essentially as early as the merger of similar items. So, you know.

then, both sides have small giant with them. Wang Xing invested in his own name and invested ofo in the name of the company. The relationship between the US regiment and the drop is a relationship between a low version of the Tencent and Ali. The US regiment made a net about the car and sold it by drop. The US group made a hotel business and said that he was a home trip company. You let ofo and Mobell side drops, Wang Xing must not be happy.

again, AT dad won't accept it. Ma before checking quickly and drops merge, shouting 'the wrong move! " Instead of making Cheng Wei make a lot of money, it made Ma Huateng easy. Look at the face of AT now, in many fields, such as O2O, e-commerce, travel and so on, Ma Huateng can play the cards for Ma Yun. What does Ali take directly to the Tencent? There is no game or social. So ofo can never be seen as a fast boy.

there is a the most important variable, founder of ofo and Mobell companies had long lost that control like Wang Xing, Cheng Wei. Davy is obviously more handy as the president of Peking University student than CEO; aunty is more like an image spokesperson. These two after 80 after catching up with the historical wind, but at this time the tuyere has already surnamed capital. The main face of weak Qiangnu.

no matter from which point of view, shared track are not simple repeat cycling history before, but the historical trend, go forward with great strength and vigour to the personal will, never transfer. The bike sharing is the last available on the China tuyere success, there must be someone who achieved fame and fortune, muffled fortune, also some people make a yell quite satisfied.

I'm not surprised if Davy and aunty Hu join together to do a new project in the future. It is impossible for Comrade Zhu Xiaohu to dare to deny himself so continuously.

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