F22 "intercepted" Su 25? "Luo Sheng gate" over Syria

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qianyanjunshi· 2017-12-15 14:31:06

(observer network synthesis) was reported by foreign media in December 14th. Syria, December 13th (Wednesday), two US F-22A fighters intercepted Russian Soviet 25 fighters over Syria, and had close contact with the 35 Soviet Russian fighters. The US side claimed that the Russian military aircraft flew over the "conflict prevention line", which was previously delimited by the two sides, and the Russians denied it.

F-22A dual fighter (data plan) according to the CNN

quoted the U.S. Department of defense officials in December 13th 25, two Russian Soviet attack aircraft flew over the Euphrates River, took off to intercept two U.S. F-22A. American aircraft used "multiple actions" to try to "persuade" Russian planes to leave the area and throw hot flares to warn. Then a Russian army, Soviet -35, was joined, and the contact lasted for about 40 minutes, eventually turning the end of the Russian plane to the West. According to the agreement reached by the US and Russia last month, the Allied fighter aircraft headed by Russia should be on the west side of the Euphrates River, and the United States led coalition fighter should be in the east of the Euphrates River.

and the Russian satellite news agency quoted the Russian Defense Ministry's news that the Russian Soviet -25 fighter was escorting the humanitarian rescue convoy near Ma Yading, Syria, and did not enter the eastern airspace of the Euphrates River. American F-22A is the "fast approaching" F-22A of the Soviet 35 fighter plane that has crossed the Euphrates River to try to interfere with the Soviet -25 double and a shield for the Soviet -25.

as early as 2015, the United States and Russia agreed on a memorandum of flight safety in Syria. The two military discussed the location and tasks of their respective aircraft to avoid them appearing in the same airspace at the same time. The two sides also set up a hotline to prevent the emergence of an emergency. However, after that, the two sides of the United States and Russia have repeatedly accused the other of violating the provisions of the memorandum. American forces even claimed that the Russian army had to "cross the border" on an average of 6-8 planes a day. The Russian Defense Department has also accused American fighters of trying to disrupt the Russian Air Force's counter-terrorism operations.

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