Jin Dong wife the birth of a second child after the first appearance of small V face recovery

Li Jia Jin Dong coming

beiqingwangyule· 2017-12-15 18:35:42

12 15 days, Jin Dong wife Li Jia in micro-blog drying out a Zhang Meizhao wrote: "happiness, will be infected like a cold. "In the picture, Li Jia was wearing a black skirt and was especially good at his mobile phone. In 2010, Jin Dong married Li Jia. At the beginning of 15, their first son came to the world, and in September 12th, Li Jia gave birth to a second child.

, who had not seen Li Jia for a long time, also said: "good sister!" Seeing you so happy smile, sweep away the haze of my day for many days. "My sister-in-law is beautiful!" "

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