Qin Junjie's love details and Yang Zi's love of a little wine

Yang Zi Qin Junjie Z

beiqingwangyule· 2017-12-15 18:42:44

. Qin Junjie and Yang Zi released love affair between Qin Junjie and Yang Zi in February 16, 2017. They have been closely watched by fans since its publication. Recently, Qin Junjie participated in an interview with the sweet to share his love with Yang Zi details, said he and Yang Zi are the kind of character to think of what to do ", two people decided to public affair, which is two people drank a little wine, chat, feel or open." then the open, not after a long time of preparation and consideration.

two people daily and often self dog food although two people are actors, usually are very busy, but this did not dilute the passion of two young people in love. Qin Junjie said, "technology is more developed now, mobile phones, videos and voice can be anything", and reveals that when he and Yang Zi are together, they never talk about jobs and roles, because they feel that love is a "business communication".

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