Ju Jingyi graduated! Set up a personal studio

Ju Jingyi snh48 Z

juziyule· 2017-12-15 18:43:10

12 15, SNH48 operator Siba media officially announced: from now on Jingyi Ju group of celebrities have set up promotion SNH48 GROUP star hall, SNH48 became the first since the establishment of the members of the hall of promotion.

Ju Jingyi personal studio from now on set up.

" at present, Jingyi Ju micro-blog certified has removed the SNH48 prefix.

" and will be independent artist Siba culture media group's performing arts, performances and other types of commercial and social activities.

" in the last sentence: Congratulations

little sister ~

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Ju Jingyi graduated! Set up a personal studio

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Ju Jingyi graduated! Set up a personal studio

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