This aircraft super invisibility why so mysterious

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micaihujunshi· 2017-12-15 23:51:31

the United States and Europe and other Western media disclosure China stealth bomber detonation 20 news, but so far has not revealed official authority, although Du Wenlong, Zhang Zhaozhong and other experts will occasionally reveal a little similar boom 20 related news, but it is a fragmented message outside, and no real news show, there are no more on flight, setting key information.

" famous military expert Du Wenlong in CCTV "public opinion field" China program that the detonation will have 20 subsonic cruise flight, electromagnetic wave band stealth, networked capabilities and the use of more advanced precision weapons and other advantages. The US strategy page also pointed out that according to the research progress of China stealth fighter 20, we should have already had the flight test condition of the 20, or will soon test it. British media

" from various angles on the development of the 20 bombardment also boldly predicted this speculation, the future will not have the bombers improved global mission capability. Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" also pointed out that the future stealth fighter entered service in Japan can make in the relevant area basically lose the advantage, and points out that China this aircraft may break the regional balance.

, although western media is very concerned about the progress of China's bombardment 20, but so far, the bomber is the most mysterious stealth fighter. In September 2016, authorities announced that China is developing a new generation of long-range bombers. This shows that the 20 years of folklore is no longer a legend, but a strategic equipment being officially recognized. According to the usual practice, the officially recognized equipment in research shows that it has entered the ending stage of research and development. Up to now, more than a year has passed. There should be further official news, but nothing.

" in 20 as a strategic bombardment device, in order to play the due deterrent, must maintain its mystery, so as not to give you any chance to get information, this is the 20 boom there has been no reason to any official information disclosure. It is reported that the boom 20 is assembled in a special factory in the factory of XAC, equipped with heavy metal shielding layer is special in the world, and for all radar reconnaissance satellite can detect any internal information.

20 bombers are both nuclear strategic bombers, with conventional weapons accurate remote bombing, multiple targets were hit hit. It is also a strategic information collection platform, with high level airborne electronic equipment, large capacity data processing and transmission capacity. The performance is also determined, and a lot of the 20 technical indicators will always be secret. So it is a necessity to keep the absolute mystery.

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