Japan big problems: forced to stop the fryer


fenghuangkeji· 2017-12-16 09:11:11

has always used Shinkansen as its signboard for external publicity. After its leakage accident, its safety is the first problem in 16 years.

, according to Japanese media reports, the Tokaido Shanyang Shinkansen appeared in a recent run, and the final examination found that train bogie cracking and leakage, so was forced to stop maintenance. In fact,

Shinkansen exercise not long after the attendant was in the car with the smell of burning smell, taste more and more, so pulled out after 3.5 hours, forced to check found safety problems, which also triggered a large number of Internet users in Japan on the new route safety worry.....

for the accident. The Japanese Government Transportation Safety Board said that this is a major accident prone to accidents, more important is, this is Japan's aviation and railway accident investigation committee since its establishment in 2001, the new route I first identified the major events.

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