Russian media exposure in the US Russian military aircraft: the Soviet 35 approached F22 from the back

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-12-16 09:14:22

map: Su 35

[global network reported] according to the U.S. military air force times "website reported on December 14th, Russian warplanes 13 in Syria airspace again close confrontation, the protagonist is still Su -35 fighter and F-22. According to the U.S. Air Force

news, when two Russian Su -25 attack aircraft is supported by the United States armed opposition Syria bombing, the U.S. military dispatched two F-22 fighter jets to intercept, and fired flares and chaff to force the Russian planes to evacuate, but a close approximation of beauty of Su -25 fighter, F-22 had to lead to difficult maneuver to avoid collision.

then the Russian army sent a Soviet -35 fighter over the Euphrates River to cover the Soviet -25 attack aircraft. The US military said the Soviet -35 was followed by the US F-22 fighter. The whole confrontation lasted for about 40 minutes, and finally ended with the Russian fighter.

, according to Russian satellite news, Russia's defense ministry said that in December 13th, 2 Suo -25 attackers escorted the humanitarian convoy in the Aden City area at 3300 meters altitude. From the east coast of an American F-22 fighter plane. F-22 interferes with 2 Russian Su -25 by launching a hot bait.

Russia's Ministry of Defense said that the Russian Soviet -35S fighter that completed the air cover task at 10000 meters altitude was rapidly approaching the F-22 from the rear half circle, and then the US fighter plane left the area.

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