Husband and wife to sell the son's debts are still about 6000000 short of both hanging

Gambling Ningbo suicide children

doushikuaibao· 2017-12-16 12:26:58

there is a lad, debt to KI Le (very much), parents sell three houses to his debt, owed about 6000000 last night, then hang the two parents Dutch act. "

these days, this news in Ningbo spread, let see the net friends tears.

12 the afternoon of Sept. 13, netizen "and" Prince forwarded this message, he said in the Oriental forum, Chinese parents to children as the hope of life, when life hopes, will die are still killing,.… … son of debt, does not appear, the funeral is the parents brothers the sisters. In the

post, there was a picture of the scene, just a look, a strong sense of despair coming.

netizens replied that the couple living in the village is a small boss, a lifetime diligently, FengFengGuangGuang presentable, leaving two chairs down now.

also replied that their son lost about 10000000 of gambling.

network with many users feel unworthy for them.

@ test: it's so bad that he wants him to do it, and it's the son of the son.

@qq: deep Hilong Yuandufushu, the road is their own choice of their own to go. The debt from gambling gambling operation speaking is lost will greatly hurt the parents is minimal, and the lack of filial piety, bad character, quality is not good.

jingwen99: my adult day, my grandfather told me, a man enters the society, 3 do not enter, 1 2 Mafia drug 3 gambling, actually I didn't understand, Ningbo people say prostitute fall, bet hedging, now I finally understand, bet the people have been scattered, not long (refer to is the kind of big bet).

the tragedy took place in the village of Xiapu, Beilun, Ningbo.

yesterday afternoon, a small shop near a village cultural activity center, several elderly people playing cards, talking about this tragedy, they invariably say, too bad!

, the son of this family, is 28 years old. He graduated from college, and he was also pretty good. He didn't know whether he worked or not. Well, when mother's son hurts his son, his son borrows money to make a guarantee, so after his son runs, the creditor comes to the door with them to lend. "

" and the couple opened a small machinery factory in Xiapu near the second channel lifetime diligently, copy of this part, it is going to despair, finally took the step. Oh. "

about specific gambling and debt, the old people are not clear, the village people say there are tens of millions of millions, there are two couples have been presentable, good face, bad things will not tell anyone, even the brothers and sisters may not know it, they're gone now, except has no son, no one could say. "A woman is near

familiar with the couple, but went to the funeral scene in the village, she hear the gossip that the tragedy occurred in the morning of December 11th. "

" after the two husband and wife sold the house, they lived in their own machinery factory. In the morning, the workers went to work and pushed the door open. The scene in front of the workers was really scared and alarm. "

", they both committed suicide the night before, but they were all in sight. They meant that they should not be afraid of the people they found. They didn't call the police. They committed suicide, and kept the phone number, so that they could be informed of their relatives. "

" Alas, more miserable scene ah, two people on the same bench go … … "

lady said, the families of the male master has four brothers and a sister, brother died, he is the youngest. "The funeral is two brothers and a sister to her office, their son has not appeared, missing almost nearly half a year. "

" I heard that my sister said, a few days before the hostess went to their home, the state is not very good, the home, said Sister good health care point. At that time, an estimated two people have gone about it. … …

"yesterday, I learned from Zhang Cun village, the couple a Zhang, a man surnamed Cao, 55 years old, female 51 years old.

a village committee responsible person said that the couple moved out of the village early, living in Beilun, a resident residence. "Men work in machinery factory before the factory closed down later, his first work for other machinery factory, Zhang Village demolition, demolition by opening a machinery factory, when a small business, now has more than ten years. After the demolition of "

", they have three houses. One set of resettlement houses is the 2 phase of Taihe apartment, and the other two are commercial housing, which is near Beilun Chai Qiao and Changjiang Road. Not on the Internet, three houses are not all debt, Chai Qiao a set of houses, a few years ago, machinery factory capital turnover is difficult to sell. The other two houses are sold at the end of last year or at the beginning of this year. The price is not high, and it may be about one million. Why does "

" sell, does it pay for debts, how much money the son owes, and how he gambles? Is there 6 million debt? Because we didn't live in the village. We didn't know that after the accident, we could know as much as possible to help with our funeral. "

yesterday, I was confirmed from the Beilun police that the couple killed themselves.

headline: the husband and wife still owe about 6000000 pairs of suicide after they pay their debts to the death of their son and the son is missing

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