Wu Yongning is going to shoot a 80 thousand yuan video neighbor before falling down: he looks very heavy on his mother

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Wu Yongning in Nanfen city of Ningxiang Hunan village home

" is the longest actor he did the occupation of

"I must be played that one of the most ruthless, because every day I climb, I was in the children. "The national extreme high altitude movement challenges the first man, Wu Yongning said."

created a prophecy. At 1 p.m. on November 8th, Wu Yongning fell to the center of Hua Yuan Hua in Changsha. The fall is located in the bustling area of Changsha. A Xiangjiang Avenue is a famous scenic spot of orange Chau. At the top of the 263 meter tall building, Wu Yongning overlooked all this.

walked out of the countryside and tried to change Wu Yongning's fate and family. He chose an extremely dangerous way to gain fame and wealth by conquering tall buildings. After the fall of

, the trace of "limit Ning Ning" is vanishing. On the multiple platforms such as volcanic video and beauty patting, the "limit Ning Ning" account and Related videos have not been retrieved. His micro-blog update is also fixed on November 8th.

walk tall

love to make fun of yourself "not die uncomfortable" on micro-blog, Wu Yongning missed. On 8

11, Wu Yongning fell from the platform of the 62 floor appendage to the center of Hua Yuan Hua. The center of Hua Yuan Hua is one of the landmark buildings in Changsha, which is 263 meters high. Feng Shengliang, the former village director of the village of Tang Village in Nanfen, who took part in the event, said Wu Yongning fell to a height of about 15 meters.

's site of blood shows that Wu Yongning did not die on the spot, and he also climbed more than thirty meters of distance.

"I like high altitude, I like to climb, like to stimulate. "On micro-blog, Wu Yongning said he was the first person to challenge the extreme high altitude movement at home. The goal was to protect the world's high buildings without any protection.

this is an incomprehensible desire for conquest. "Play the limit, the fear of a lot of excitement and excitement, time is long, I have never experienced a sense of achievement. "He said," he said. In the three month period of

, Wu Yongning's ultimate challenge covered the landmark buildings in many cities in China and stepped on a large number of skyscrapers and bridges. In the Changsha Golden State Center the roof, he was lying on the wall outside the eaves, single hand grab rails, with a glass wall, put the other wacky sea monkeys. A 70 story building in Chongqing ASE center square, he single handedly doing handstand.

Wu Yongning wanders at the edge of danger. As he said, "more and more daring, I will do some action look dead. "

is sometimes in between life and death. But Wu Yongning believes that he has a lot of heart and will give up when he is in danger.

he refused a lot of advice.

friend Gao Ming (the pseudonym) did not want to believe that the first cooperation between the two people became the last. On the tall building in Shanghai, he noticed that Wu Yongning did not do safety measures. "I remind him not to play so much, and the accident is not good." Wu Yongning did not reply to him, and only two days later, he had an accident. On 8

11, when he climbed in the center of Hua Yuan Hua, Wu Yongning did not have any companions and did no security measures. Wu Yongning hands grilled on the glass wall Waiyan, pull up only two, strength is obviously not supported. He tried to climb up the glass with his feet and tried two times and failed. After struggling for 20 seconds,

lost his hand.

family filial son Wu Yongning's home in Hunan city of Ningxiang Nanfen village. The village, which is built on the mountain, has more than 3000 households. The economic situation is in the middle level of the Ningxiang genus. All households are buildings, and a road passes through the village.

because of the distance from the economic development zone and the development of red tourism, most of the villagers in the village of Nanfen are staying in their hometown, and less than 20% of the people are out for a living.

Wu Yongning came to the village of Nanfen for more than four years. Many people in the village are not familiar with him. There are villagers who know the village after his accident. After the death of his father's illness, Wu Yongning and his mother, Xiao Fei, were in charge of each other. Four years ago, it was introduced that He Xiaofei and Feng Fushan set up a new family, and Wu Yongning followed to the village of Nanfen.

in the village, the economic condition of the family is under the middle.

He Xiaofei is suffering from mental illness, perennial medication, Feng Fushan did some laborers in the construction site, the annual income of less than 20 thousand yuan. Feng Fushan said he had worked in the field before and signed a one year contract, and his friend told him that Yongning had committed his mother's illness and did not turn off the lights for a month. He went home quickly. Then I didn't dare to go out.

finished high school, Wu Yongning dropped out of school and began to go into the society. The performers are the longest occupations he has been engaged in. In addition, Wu Yongning in the factory and site are all done short. The burden of

's life has always pressed Wu Yongning. He once said to micro-blog, "my family is not good, I'm not a tyrant, I'm just moving towards the goal of a tyrant!" "Before the

challenge in building, Wu Yongning didn't have much income support at home, sometimes also need to rely on the aid money stepfather. However, neighbours and relatives in the neighborhood said Wu Yongning was filial and good, and would quietly give her mother some money every time he went home. "He looked so heavily on his mother that he had to save hundreds of dollars for his mother. "

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