The "colonial thinking" of Hongkong caused Li Jiacheng to lose 200 billion. Where was the way out?

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source: pure science (ID:chunkexue); Author: Wang Tao

why Hongkong as the most outstanding representative of the business elite, not think with the current wave of innovation in the large investments in Chinese science and technology enterprises, but to put a lot of money cash into water, electricity, natural gas in the UK? Within

5 to 10 years, the prospect of Hongkong being the second tier city in China has basically been established. There is still suspense whether it will continue to fall into the three tier city.

Hongkong has been downgrading its own industry. To today, Li Jiacheng would rather sell the assets of Hongkong, never push the whole system of Hongkong on a very simple reason: only for industrial upgrading, especially the innovation of science and technology, in order to live better.

why Hongkong repeatedly Miss technology development opportunities

HUAWEI first switch, is the agent of a Hongkong company's products, but to make money after the large investment to develop their own products, and now the Hongkong switch company, now already unknown.

is a unique one, and in the late 1980s and early 90s, ZTE was or ZTE semiconductor, a joint venture with two Hongkong capital. After the initial development of 500 digital program-controlled switchboards, the company made a fundamental conflict between the two Hong Kong capital and the operators. The main means of

port as soon as possible profit points out, and to Hou Weigui (when he was general manager, chairman of ZTE ZTE semiconductor before, now retired) as the representative of the business operators, including large shareholders, strongly support continue to increase research and development efforts.

finally, both falling out, this situation forced Hou Weigui to lead all staff, the establishment of collective ownership of ZTE Weixiantong, then come back to Hong Kong and have been withdrawn from the ZTE ZTE new joint venture semiconductor semiconductor, which then initiated the establishment of zte. Because this process is so complicated and complicated, the masses have not been able to figure out whether ZTE is a state-owned enterprise or a private enterprise.

, we look back today to see that there are Hong Kong background in the early development of ZTE and HUAWEI, but why haven't they upgraded the industry to a higher level of technology? The original position of Shenzhen's ZTE and HUAWEI's two companies is the possibility of being occupied by two Hongkong companies in history.

has no technological innovation and dreams of Hongkong capital

Hongkong capital initially went to the mainland, especially in Guangdong area, many of which are doing primary processing industry. The Hongkong entrepreneur, represented by Li Jiacheng, is a typical representative. Li Jiacheng started from the production of plastic flowers.

China has just opened, there are a large number of capital Hongkong to seize the opportunity in the mainland factory, take orders from Hongkong to the mainland, these factories. In the Pearl River Delta, this kind of enterprise still exists today. However, after decades of development, the mainland (especially Shenzhen) has seen more and more technology companies. Some giants even have strong international competitiveness. Hong Kong capital started earlier, but up to now, there is almost no technical content of R & D enterprises.

Shenzhen University was founded in 1983 when it was just founded, it is also a three or even four flow University. At that time, there were several highly ranked universities in the world ranking in Hongkong. Hongkong is absolutely not without strength, but not without conditions, and historical opportunities are not to be said. If Hongkong really had a heart in mind, it would be a perfect historical necessity to form Hongkong's R & D, Shenzhen Dongguan production, Hongkong headquarters and global market. But it is regrettable that the situation has not become a reality, and almost no case has been made. What is the reason?

can be realistic if there are dreams.

's inspirational writer Napoleon Napoleon (1883-1970 Hill) has successfully passed the book of success from Hongkong to the mainland. His theoretical principle is not complex, and it is summed up as a sentence:

has a dream that may not be able to achieve, but no dream must not have reality.

I really do not know their own compatriots in Hongkong have seriously read Hill's successful works, their hearts and bones that Chinese companies in technology cannot surpass Europe, even a little tight, can not follow, don't think about it, let alone to do, can do earn hard cash processing. This is the fundamental reason why Hongkong's capital has separated from them at the beginning of the development of ZTE and HUAWEI.

, in fact, if ZTE's two Hongkong investors did not quit ZTE, even if they sat still and did nothing, Hongkong today was eligible to take a place in the field of global communication technology. ZTE is likely to have a big R & D center in Hongkong. Not to see the opportunity for the communications industry, not to see the market demand for the whole of China, otherwise they would not be in the mood for investment in the year.

but when their investment after the success will not beyond all expectations, how excited to choose an additional investment accounts for more shares, but not referred to by the investment companies to pound the table, also must continue to lose the historical successes will be? What is the unswerving "unswerving belief" that needs to be unthinkable?

if the capital is already in the way

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