Peeping at Ma Huateng's circle of friends, I know how strong he is

Ma Huateng Ma Yun Ren Zhengfei

fenghuangkeji· 2017-12-16 12:30:51

now Ali Empire and Tencent Empire, both into the Global Internet Company ten, you think Ma Yun and Ma Huateng, who is more severe?

probably most of the people have no hesitation in supporting Ma Yun.

you, too itching, too kidney broken, sometimes Na Ying dirty!

which big guy in China I don't know? The Ma Huateng in the south, than Ma Yun did not know where to go! I'm laughing with him! I am an elders today, to give you a little experience of life!

I am not a journalist, but as an Internet business public number Er, I have been thinking about a problem: now in naturally or half unconsciously has reached $500 billion market capitalization of Tencent, and with Google and Facebook, the future is promising, the core of what is the reason?

someone says it's because the Tencent's products have social genes, and whatever they do bring their own users and traffic. This seems to be true, but many companies with social genes are dead. Why is the Tencent made only?

some people say that the Tencent will be able to launch a product upgrade every time at the right time, such as the WeChat and the king's glory.

but what is the core competence of Tencent to make these products?

some people say that because Tencent is good at investing, the US group, didi and Mobai have become the industry giants. What are the core competencies of these companies in Tencent? The core competence of

is the source. Everything else is growing from this source. It's like a weird person, from a unique sperm.

2014 March, Tencent founder Zhang Zhidong retired. He said Tencent is strong and the key is that Tencent has strong evolutionary power.

but why does the Tencent have a strong evolutionary power? And other companies don't?

NEMA, so ask, never find the answer.

in a very long period of time, I entered the Department of Buddha, shit, let it go!

until one day I realized: the core competence of Tencent must be on Ma Huateng. Any Tencent, for example, Ma Huateng said to encourage internal competition, copy to other companies are likely to fail, such as Ren Zhengfei Li Yinan to encourage out results were almost uncontrollable, HUAWEI group off "img_box" id= class=

" that, Ma Huateng must have the ability of from ordinary people.

, our ordinary people can't deal with Ma Huateng's positive side. We can't see every business decision he made. But if we want to get to know Ma Huateng, if we have the opportunity to see how he lives and how to communicate with people, we can understand eight or nine or ten.

so, I snuck up Ma Huateng's WeChat, and you talk to him. He's not sure to make things for you. But in the circle of friends, I never knew Ma Huateng before. Ma Huateng WeChat well ingrained love.

" but he rarely made a circle of friends, but he will point praise and comments, these contents are super value, also often surprised me: Chinese the most promising company CEO, it is so to speak?

I put up a few chestnuts.

1, , a entrepreneur has posted a two-dimensional code of a small program in a circle of friends.

Ma Huateng tried the answer and said, "there are a few nails on the table." A road just write down the wrong time to save, prompt; no choice to remind, begin to read that again; in fact, according to the geographical location, IP can roughly know the city general schedule venue is filled in a coffee shop, such as a restaurant, there is no need to IBS.

do you guess how Ma Yun will respond? Ma Yun: the environment is so bad. The air and water pollution are so serious. Your small program is doing well. What's the use of it?

2, has a listed company CEO said: at 12 o'clock in the evening to work overtime to open the meeting, or to exercise, decided to run home.

Ma Huateng asked, "are you changing clothes and running back on your backpack?"

the man said the office had the clothes ready for the driver to send the bag home.

Ma Huateng suggested that there were so many people and cars on the road that it would be safer to let the driver take you to the stadium or to run indoors.

Ma Yun: the most important competitiveness of the company is the energy of the CEO. I sleep every day to wake up, don't punch, don't work overtime.

3, , once a Tencent invited a lot of media people to open a conference in Hongkong. On that day, a well-known media man sent a picture in the circle of friends, which was taken out of the hotel room, and there was a Ma Huateng (if Ma Yun) signed book on the table.

Ma Huateng: you are here, too? No one told me.

Ma Yun: who is this horse cloud, I do not believe in the success of learning, you do not experience failure, it is impossible to succeed! An investor in

4 and sent a picture of himself and his child fishing on the boat.

Ma Huateng: the child is too small to pay attention to safety.

Ma Yun: what I regret most is to create a Alibaba, and now there is no time to accompany the children!

5, , a Tencent director, sent several teenage family photos.

Ma Huateng: you are good with your mother

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