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1930, the Mongolia army tank troops supported by the Soviet Union were conducting exercises.

, which is equipped with their T-27 super light tanks, can be said to be a technology of the Soviet Union's large production of ultra light tanks.

20" in late 20s, the Soviet Union from the United Kingdom Vickers Armstrong company bought "Carden Lloyd" IV tankette.

and improved on the basis of this tank, developed the T-27.

Leningrad Bolshevik factory and Moscow's ornni Nissen factory began to produce super light tanks.

only produced 348 vehicles in 1931 alone, and produced 1693 vehicles in 1932, and plans to produce 5000 vehicles in 1933.

" but found that the Soviet armored thin ultra light tanks in the equipment process, even close the rifle bullet also can't guard, and narrow the space inside the car, the occupant working environment is poor, it is difficult to adhere to a slightly longer in the car a little time.

, so the Soviet Red Army commander decided to no longer produce this super light tank. In this way, in the past two and a half years, the Soviet Union produced about 2500 T-27 ultra light tanks. It's not a small amount, too. The main weapon of

T-27 super light tank is a DT type 7.62 mm machine gun, mounted on the front part of the car body, no machine gun tower, not equipped with the ability of circular shooting. The base number of ammunition is 2520.

is being reconnaissance of the Mongolia tank force commander.

this is the Mongolia army equipped with the BA-27 armored vehicle.

this is a FAI armored vehicle.

BA-27 armored vehicle equipped with an auxiliary gun can effectively deal with light tanks.

Mongolia tank soldiers are maintaining the DT machine gun.

Mongolia armored fleet.

under the guidance of Soviet Union officers, Mongolia army's tactical level is pretty good.

" these troops later participated in the battle of Nomonhan, blow to the arrogance of the Japanese army.

armored force is resting.

maintenance armored vehicle.

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