Concealed illusion vertigo: a ramble on camouflage coating of tank armored vehicles

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hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-12-16 18:50:32

"to preserve oneself and destroy the enemy on the battlefield." this is the golden laws and precious rules and tall, tanks and armored vehicles to the battlefield with Camo to hide themselves, this is really a science.

" this is the world's oldest mobile tanks - Alfonso Muir Tank Museum "Saint chamond tank, using a special variety of color camouflage schemes, are mutually staggered, the middle is black outline crack shape, there are tanks tanks. And no..

" this is 1942 stationed in Malta, the British "Matilda" infantry tanks, used especially in the yellow sand desert camouflage, surface rendering the mesh darker pattern, integrated with the surrounding buildings and stone fence, is more suitable than the surrounding environment monochrome yellow sand camouflage.

" which is used in Britain in the campaign in North Africa "Mathilda" infantry tanks, with the special blue camouflage, camouflage is the first standard adopted by the British World War ii. The camouflage of the British army is actually a camouflage scheme on naval ships that split the shape of the tank with a large and neat color block to make it impossible to complete the range. The camouflage is also called the "fleet camouflage".

, this is preserved in the British Bowen Tank Museum "Qi Fu Tan" tank, this big color block camouflage is very special. This is a camouflage scheme used by the British Army's infantry brigade in Berlin. This strange camouflage is very effective in a large city consisting of reinforced concrete and glass.

, the British "Berlin camouflage" is obviously accepted by the German Federal defense force. This is the latest "leopard" 2A7 PSO City combat main battle tank, its camouflage scheme is the same as the British army.

India T-72 tank is very interesting, in the yellow sand primer, a large number of green and Brown "Tetris", so many color effect but let their more conspicuous.

" this is the new India army T-90S tanks, the jungle camouflage, is still in the shape of spray primer "Tetris", but more intensive. The effect of this kind of camouflage is really bad, it will only make it easier for the enemy to find it. The camouflage scheme of

"Al Qiong" Mk.II is very distinctive, and the edge contrasting color blocks make people do not know their intentions. Camo

"Leclerc" MBT is obviously very suitable for France in a warm environment, this color so that it can better integrate into the background.

. China's ZTZ tank main battle tank uses digital camouflage, compared with the previous curve three color camouflage, it can more effectively deal with the enemy digital view and aiming system.

" this is the type 90 MBT winter camouflage, obviously is the repairman's masterpiece, the white tape will do things carelessly. In wartime, such a rough camouflage made the tank's life not more than a few hours, but now it's time for peace, who will paint the tank again?

in the past half century, the most famous tank painting may be the unified white coating of the United Nations led peacekeeping force. For example, the 1994~1995 year Danish army leopard 1A5DK main battle tank.

Austria army fifteenth tank brigade leopard 2A4 uses low-key monochrome coating, but this car is very special.

, the German "cheetah" self propelled artillery apparently wants to turn itself into a leopard.

, the 68 tank in the Swiss Military Museum exposition, its painting is dazzling, and it itself is hidden danger. If you keep looking for more than 10 seconds, you lose a sense of direction and feel dizzy.

Holland army leopard 2A6 painted bright orange red, this is the exclusive color of Holland royalty. This painting was the Holland army's support ceremony before the 2008 European Football Championships, and the apron also said, "we are proud of you."
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