There is a sweeping monk assistant behind each of the Buddha's stars

Yang Mi Dong Zijian Hsu Chi Qi Wei

tanzi· 2017-12-16 20:03:25

ha ha ha really didn't expect Hsu Chi to play a "sundry assistant".


, recently sent a micro-blog, with a pout of his mouth, but hummed, "hum … … I have a pig behind me."

" to look at the big picture, Hsu Chi's eyes in the mirror duzui self, this love is lovely, but eat assistant in the back, did not notice Shu Qitou shot.

. Hsu Chi seems to be very close with the assistant, so you get along very well.

made himself suddenly want to be a star assistant, and can be so close to the star, can have these interactions, think all happy.

in fact to say the personal assistant to the star tube eating and sleeping, he cut tobacco you pass the fire, he handed the paper to you shit, that is the nanny, or twenty-four hours of personal kind, it is inevitable rijiushengqing stay together morning and night.

Yang Mi is very clever, very early before the first intimate friendship from behind the table, let the fans see themselves in how and get along with all kinds of assistant, ridicule and assistant is no taboo performance.

" can be said that Yang Mi creatively set up "your assistant set", and now we have been accustomed to and began to learn: sun drying assistant, two other studio slapstick; the other; and tease two brokers.

as for the effect, stir up the topic in minutes, and who will use it to know. At this point, Yang Mi is just the trend guide of the generation. It has created a new hype mode. The ~

is at the very beginning, and Yang Mi is the workroom at the very beginning.

Mid Autumn Festival this year, when Yang Mi studio quite helpless, no new hair, made a few old figure trying to appease the fans, said the new is not far away.

results directly to remove Yang Mi Taiwan: Studio cheat you is far from New!

" ha ha ha ha, this wave of sabotage can be said very drama, previously not seen which artists will expose their studio to lie, the users are making music.

studio also basked a few rounds of dialogue with Yang Mi, suggesting that the atmosphere in our interior is very good. The name also said: self defeating artist.

" such an operation down, did find the effect is also good ~ very forthright and generous, honest and interesting, wonderful Zai wonderful zai. When

played Hi, he began to play with an assistant, and more appropriately, it should be said to be a performance.

Yang Mi made a self and @ his assistant Sun Ting, that means we play a self.

" this is micro-blog Yang Mi studio turned out, "

[and Yang Mi rushed to his studio, "cursed" rub their heat, it is this play fine fine the.

, but fans eat this set, just like watching the Qing palace drama, like watching Yang Mi's own studio.

studio also did not forget to seize the opportunity to spoof a Yang Mi, "

Yang Mi is still back to your textbook, with the assistant of the ugly photos, highlight: dare to send the photos means the relationship is very close, and Assistant Yang Mi didn't respond again close to the shelf, under the good.

" and some stars would also have assistant (XI) to (Duo), to give him a stage that once, did not give the words … … to create their own stage to play.

such as Dong Zijian's assistant, relying on your own boss mouthful obscenities even ring powder, also don't fire the day up 200 thousand powder.

black Dong Zijian's photo technology, but also black than his heart is like counting the money. Do you have such an assistant? The metaphor is too image.

and the special expression of Dong Zijian's point takeout.

that time, because friends met Dong Zijian and Sun Yi.

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