One of the most fearful people at the bottom of the Chinese bottom bank

Eddie Peng ZA

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when a bank teller meets the mysterious person who comes to visit, the story between them can make you laugh. After reading this article, the eight sisters can't help hugging the teller nearby. Peng Xiaoyou, the

financial gossip girl writer

, is coming to the end of the year. A few days ago, the city branch held a staff meeting, and the tellers of all the sub branches got together. It took only 5 seconds to become a complaint Conference for "mysterious people". Who is

"mystical"? It is the inspection personnel disguised as the customer, the whole course of the needle hole video camera, check the service of the bank staff, deduct the points according to the item, and deduct the money according to the points.

take our behavior example, every node employee has 15 points a year, after deducting, you can get the squid.

lobby manager and guide storage posture is not correct, 2;

2; not sent, no hands take the money,

teller 2;

customers of other business intentions, teller no sales consciousness, 1;

in the business process, then the standard, 2; there is no

service with a smile 2, … …

assessment content is more than you can imagine, every points, but also according to different degrees, ranging from 200-500 yuan. Does it sound exciting?

in the bank, almost every teller was secretly recorded, overplayed and buckled by the "mysterious man".

today, I'll take a look at the various encounters between me and the "mystical man" these years.


sometimes "mystery man" is not a mystery, by observing the manners, often can be our "piercing eye to recognize, and then each branch of" mutual ventilation and guard.

once, we do business outlets of a "mystery man", a door to be our assistant manager recognized, so he hurried to us with a wink, even gestures to remind us.

" this mysterious person sitting in front of me, I took the face of Eddie Peng's passion for business for him, every minute of play fine body, feel like laughing as a flower.

at this time, I came back to the toilet in the cabinet, "ruffian king".

"Pi Wang Wang, style is a bit like ray caroling, Sao wave with base a little ruffian, not to wear a suit looks like magic dog, can be classified as a class with the local ruffians, so everyone called him" King ruffian".

" that was the summer, Wang PI above wearing a suit tie, wearing a Hawaii style shorts, a pair of fluorescent green foot thongs, like.

teller because usually are sitting, so customers can not see below us what to wear, although the room has air conditioning, but the dress windtight trousers is really hot ah, so many male colleagues to wear this summer.

Wang PI so perfectly missed all suggest that the lobby manager, planted crooked arm, step three wave came in. He didn't go back to his counter immediately after entering the counter, but he came back and forth in the room.

I clearly see the mysterious side face slightly upward, and then he moved on the counter on the edge of the bag, I guess is the camera at the new king.

" when the business manager reminded him of a sentence, "what you around here, hurry back to the counter to sit! "There's no one in the hall,"

ruffian said. "What to do with that! I have to sit for a day, my pants are wet, ventilate … … "

King's voice usually ruffian is particularly large, my Mike is not closed, his voice through the speaker in the empty hall reverberated in the &hellip &hellip, The tune lingered in the room., can be heard without end;

; the

pants are wet. I through ventilation … …

was wet, I ventilate … …

&hellip …

through ventilation; wind … …

came out from the side of the lobby manager heard the financial room, the entire face is green.

but this is not the end, after King ruffian sat on the table next to me, thick slim legs root are aligned with the camera, "ah ~ I work on several line? I tell you, balabala… … "

said he was suddenly caught a glimpse of beam with joy, the lobby manager began with his gestures, pointed to the mysterious person sitting in front of the counter, and made a gesture to commit suicide.

Wang PI noisy sound came to an abrupt end, and 10 seconds for petrochemical … &hellip

; and then he sat silently back to the seat.

mysterious person didn't ask me any questions, and when a significant glance the next counter the fullness of a king, and expose the evil kuangjuan smile in a moment turn.

finally, the ruffian king was buckled 12 minutes!!! A fine of 3000 yuan!!! There's not much left to his balance! However, this is not what

, the key is a shame to throw the whole city! Every secret person's interview video organizes all the branches of the branch to get together

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One of the most fearful people at the bottom of the Chinese bottom bank