2018, students are admitted ED\EA Fordham University admitted Huaying congratulations


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" to congratulate Huaying students!

has gained the enrollment of 4 Fordham University today. One of the students got a scholarship of 15000 dollars per year for , and a student got a scholarship of 12500 yuan per year for .


Fordham University

of Fordham University: private research university:

Alliance (The Patriot League) patriot League

location: New York city

Fordham geographical position is superior, is located in New York City, the business school is located in New York city in Manhattan.

New York is my campus, Fordham is my university!

(Fordham is my university, New York is my campus)

and investment banks as well as the headquarters of the international banks (such as Citigroup and Goldman) as partners, New York, Manhattan, Wall Street, feel the unique cultural, economic and financial charm, internship and job opportunities is more than don't do.

President Donald Trump has attended here oh ~

CE the high-end beauty plan, belonging to Huaying (Sino Elite Education) education, is a high-end beauty by founder min teacher articles the professional team founded the brand.

team members have well-known university education experience and have over 5 years experience in the undergraduate field. is committed to providing excellent college students planning and application services for top American universities.


Harvard University admissions and 1

Swarthmore College 1

Emory University 1


Fordham University 4

if you want to have children studying plan and apply for appointment, please click "" read the text ", we will contact you as soon as possible.

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