A father was hanged in Wuhan for 19 years and fierce brawl

Father peace suspect Li Xiaolei

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core reading: 19 years ago, Wuhan District of Huangpi City, a man was killed, the police were unable to arrest the murderer, the murderer for many years after the discovery of the families of the victims, the original dossier has already lost, which is still unable to solve the mystery.

Luo family in front of the father's graveyard. Reporter Li Xiaolei photo _

"democracy and the rule of law times" reporter Li Xiaolei Hubei Wuhan reported

Luo Zhi Luo min and brother standing in the cemetery, pointing to a no tombstone graves said: "my father is buried in the following. "

'no tears, because his father had been killed 19 years earlier. With the passage of time slowly subsided.

they wanted to erect a monument, but those murderers kill the father has not caught the end, as long as there is little money, most of his family to hunt. Luo Zhi and don't want to name the father had forgotten, repair the tomb, while the wet cement, he took the branches askew engraved on it, Dragon Boat Festival, and later with red paint beside wrote these three words.

in order to make the name of the father in the real tombstone, 19 years, Luo Zhi brother with his mother to hunt. However, for their family, this task is too difficult to accomplish.

's mother often miss the deceased husband, she even photos have no reservations. Luo Zhi has, the content is the father was killed on the scene, as well as the bloody image of the forensic anatomy, "do not dare to show her, afraid to bear."

actually, this special family in Hubei province Wuhan city Huangpi District, a lot of time to mention Luo Duanyang, but that cannot avenge oppression, always accompanied by them. Just two years ago, two murderers were caught and their heart pimple loosened slightly. He said the number of deaths that led to father's death was difficult to count, but it was absolutely not more than two.

is different from Henan Li Guiying, Wan Chunfang Hunt (newspaper reported), the suspects were washed identity flight, Luo Zhi know where the suspects, but still incapable of action, because the original dossier lost … …

was hanged, the Dragon Boat Festival in October 1st

1998, the 11th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, from Huangpi county area only 15 days left. At night, the villagers Luo Zhao Gang Cun Chen Wan Luo Duanyang to sleep when my old friend Zhou Cai (a pseudonym) knocked on the door.

weeks before they come to collect debts, Luo lent him 3200 yuan after the Dragon Boat Festival, because had to beg for urgently, at night. Luo Duanyang had no money in his hand, thought for a moment, and decided to go to the sister's home in the village to borrow money.

's sister's home is far away, and Zhou then goes with Luo Duanyang. The night close to 12 points, they passed through Hengdian Du Jia Gang Wan, suddenly a group of people surrounded.

at that time, Du Jia Gang Wan Village frequently stolen, organized a patrol. The patrols said that Zhou and Luo Duanyang were stealing things in the village. Zhou only said that they were only passing by, and there was no theft. But there was no camera in the village at that time, and it was difficult for both sides to prove it.

"didn't see how many people, they came up to be a dozen. "In the chaos, Zhou did not escape. Luo Duanyang was not so lucky. He was beaten by more than 100 villagers and was eventually hanged on a tree.

as to the details of this matter, no one can say it at present, especially after the loss of the original file, the case is more complicated. But the democratic and legal press reporters saw the case of the police reinvestigation of the case in 2015. At this time, the fate of the case has been over 17 years.

now, the people involved in the case have pushed all the main responsibilities to a person named Du Fangbo, who died in 2007. On the basis of the existing file description, patrol officers caught Luo after the Dragon Boat Festival, called by others. Have to almost all the villagers of the Dragon Boat Festival Luo hands.

files show, after being hit, Du Pingan saw Du Wenli and Du Zhonggang each holding a hand Luo Du from the Dragon Boat Festival, shouted: "go get a rope, tied the thief to the police station to go tomorrow. "

immediately, Du Pingan took home a length of about five or six meters of rope, a few villagers will sketch from the Du Luo dragon boat tied up. Du Pingan said he gave the rope to Du Zhonggang, but did not see how it was bound.

in his memory: "after the thief was tied up, two hands were erected on the head, and the rope was 2-3 meters more. "Du Zhonggang said, when he took the string to set up, he saw Du Fangbo, Du Pingan, Du Fangjin, Du Gang four people, the Luo Duanyang face press on the ground.

lying on the ground Luo Duanyang continued to be beaten by the villagers. Du Zhonggang worried that people were killed and stopped, but Du Fangbo said, "hit, and killed me to the top." "The Dragon Boat Festival, Luo was beaten, the whole process of beating for at least two hours. Finally, let us put the dragon boat from Du Luo hanging on a tree. According to the

documents describing, crawled to the roadside a Du Ping wryneck tree, Du proconsul handed him the rope. Du Zhonggang, Du Fangjin, Du Gang and Luo Duanyang put up from the ground, and then to the high lift, the Dragon Boat Festival Luo toes off the ground.

Du Zhonggang remembered that before Luo duyang was hoisted, "Du Fangbo took a section of the rope around the thief's neck two or three circles. "The whole process was that Du Pingan was pulling in the tree, and the others pushed up the ground.

the next day at about 6 in the morning, the villagers realized that Luo duyang was hanged. The results of the autopsy showed that he died of asphyxiation due to compression of the neck, head, face and chest are also subject to injury, forensic inference of blunt object.