Chinese Nanping first lost nearly seven years first in the world, is a good thing or a bad thing?

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zhongguoxinwenwang· 2017-12-17 12:39:08

Germany's Ocea Love in the days before the ITTF finals in the men's singles first round, fight seven victory over Japan's Tanba Xiaoki, also declared in advance lock next January ITTF ranking the first men's singles. Since April 2011, Wang Hao

of the throne of the world, after nearly 7 years of time, also will never Guoping the throne of the world's first assignment he's.

's Aoqialuofu Summit for Guoping in the end is a blessing or a curse?

data map: Ocea Love locked in the new men's list first in the world.

in the monopoly Nanping first in the world for up to 80 months after finally handed over the throne of the kingdom.

once appeared on the world's first ranking of foreign athletes in March 2011, when Ocea Love's compatriot Pohl came to the top of the world.

overwhelmed again lost the throne of the world, the reason is not difficult to find, the ITTF ranking rules and new players this year Guoping injuries may be the main reason. Integral rule

ITTF new players, is taking a year the best 8 races to calculate points, lower level events scores increase. In addition, the points of the Olympic and World Championships can be maintained for 4 and 2 years respectively, but it will decline year by year.

, in short, the new rules of international ranking encourage athletes to play more games, even if they are not very competitive. The players who have achieved good results in recent years need to continue to participate in new events, otherwise they will lose their own advantages.

players participate in the competition this year Guoping can use "less" to summarize. Since this year is the Olympic Games after the adjustment, most of the players choose Guoping nursed their injuries in this year.

, the world's first ranked Malone, has lost the qualification to participate in the final of the year even because of the lack of competition. "Tibetan mastiff" Zhang Jike is playing the stop, even in the world rankings points in the last issue of the hidden. And all will participate in the competition in the Kingdom, the past champions and because new regulations continue to decay in the absence of lost the throne of the world is not hard to understand.

data map: Malone lost the world's first throne. Wu Junjie, a reporter for China China News Agency, was taking

to the top of Ocea Love, which was quite bright in this year.

the German star this season won the world cup Nanping singles champion, 16 European champion, China open, German open two diamond champion and champion of Bulgaria, India two stations are generally open, it is unlimited scenery. Before the finals, Ocea Love only needs to get out of the first round, you can lock the first in the world.

and this phenomenon, it may not be for table tennis, a bad thing.

has a strong opponent, the game will be more exciting, table tennis will flourishing. Excellent foreign players appeared frequently, not only can stimulate the players Guoping more efforts to improve themselves and the level of the state, will allow a more diversified world championship competition. This is conducive to the promotion of athletes' technical level in the world, and it will also provide a virtuous circle for the long-term development of table tennis.

therefore, there need more "Aoqialuofu Pingtan".

data figure: Guoping need to accumulate their own advantages. China News Agency reporter Li Qing photo

in the new version of the world ranking system, not only the world's first ranking of Malone was interrupted, but also the ranking of the famous national teams such as Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin. The Chinese team has always occupied the top four of the world, thus ensuring that every four points in the world championships have Chinese players. If the ranking is not ideal, so in the international competition in the draw, there may be reduced because of the seed loses seats, and advance the "civil war".

this is undoubtedly a wake-up call to the ping.

from the perspective of the pursuit of competition result, excessive "internal friction" will greatly reduce the countries of the rule of force, perhaps the future they will face no small challenge. However, the ongoing finals of the year has exposed this hidden danger. Chinese team No. two and No. three main players Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin are relatively low in the world rankings. They can only meet in advance and start civil war early.

so in the coming season, Guo Ping to start again accumulate points of their advantage. It is imperative to improve the number of competitions, calculate the points scientifically, and arrange the players reasonably.

players to Guoping excellent strength, want to regain the throne of the world, perhaps is not a problem. But if in keeping long-term dominance in table tennis, you need more details in the pursuit of excellence, in order to face more strong impact.

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