Who has won the most advanced aircraft in the United States and Russia in the end?

The United States Air Force fighter Russia Syria

guanchazhewang· 2017-12-17 13:46:12

Less than a month after the

interval, the Russian and American air force deployed in Syria had a "close contact".

, according to the US air force times, reported that the US Russian fighter aircraft 13 day in Syria's airspace had a close confrontation. Russian President Putin announced in the two days before the Russian troops from Syria "evacuation", did not affect the intensity of the confrontation between the two sides.

air confrontation to septum dialogue

and the last "encounter", the same is that F-22 and Su -35 are still the leading role in the event. But the two countries have brought "fighting" from the sky to the ground. The fundamental reason is that the two sides have a great difference in the reasons for the events and the description of the process.

" U.S. Air Force F-22 fighter

according to the U.S. Air Force news, when two Russian Su -25 attack aircraft is supported by the United States armed opposition in Syria bombing, the U.S. military dispatched two F-22 fighter jets to intercept, and fired flares and chaff to force the Russian planes to evacuate, however a su -25 close approaching the aircraft, causing F-22 to difficult maneuver to avoid collision.

then the Russian army sent a Soviet -35 fighter over the Euphrates River to cover the Soviet -25 attack aircraft. The US military said the Soviet -35 was followed by the US F-22 fighter. The whole confrontation lasted for about 40 minutes, and finally ended with the Russian fighter.

however, this word "beauty" mouth, but not into the "Russian" ear. The Russian Defense Ministry said the descriptions were only "a single American and British media again trying to express their wishful thinking".

from what they claim is, in December 13th 2 Su -25 fighter at an altitude of 3300 meters in Aden City area to escort humanitarian convoys. An American F-22 fighter is approaching from the east bank. F-22 interferes with 2 Russian Su -25 by launching a hot bait.

, Russia's Ministry of defense also added that the Russian Soviet -35S fighter that completed the air cover task at 10000 meters altitude was rapidly approaching the F-22 from the rear half circle, and then the US fighter plane left the area.

, anyway, fortunately, Russian satellite network quoted the news office of the central command of the United States that the Russian and American planes were close to Syria, but no emergencies occurred. This has also avoided further intensification of Syria's current tensions.

linger in the airspace of Syria dispute

the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenko, said earlier that the Russian military aircraft over Syria near the most with the machine in an attempt to prevent the fight against Islamic state extremist organizations (IS) on.

two months ago, the fierce confrontation is precisely the reason why.

Kona Schenker J said that in November 23rd, the US F-22 stealth fighter frequently interfered with two Soviet -25 attack aircraft to destroy the operation task of IS base area in the outskirts of Aden. Then it is mentioned that U.S. warplanes use decoys and sonic boom behavior continued to interfere with the Russian action, until another Russian Su -35 into action when stopped and left.

, in addition, accuses American spokesman of the "confusing" statement that some of Syria's airspace belonged to the United States.

Kona Schenker J said that the Russian air force and military team, the United States led an international coalition is not legal in Syria. A spokesman for The Pentagon should remember that Syria is a member of the sovereign state and the United Nations. Therefore, the United States has never had any "own" sky here.

later, the United States Air Force spokesman Picat also responded not resigned to playing second fiddle.

said the Russian fighters before more frequent in the Syria east of the Euphrates airspace, and often reaching the United States aircraft is very dangerous behavior, is a serious threat to the United States army. It is becoming more and more difficult for American pilots to judge whether the approach of Russian fighters is "intentional" or "careless".

Picat even said that American fighters have the power to shoot down Russian fighters under the threat of security.

, according to media analysis, with the end of the action against extremist organizations in Syria, the US and Russia are also stepping up their game in Syria, in order to win more bargaining chips. The "summon" of the


, has been noisy, but the high levels of Russia and the United States are starting to show each other. On the second day after the air confrontation, Mr.

held a major press conference in Moscow, openly speaking about relations between the two countries in Russia and the United States.

said Putin, U.S. President Barack Trump during the campaign he promised to improve relations with Russia, but the current situation is obviously affected by the restrictions, as everyone knows, Trump even if I want to do is to do. In the interests of the two peoples, the normalization of Russian - US relations will eventually be sought.

later he even took the "investor" as an example, which means we can objectively see a series of important achievements that Trump has achieved. This shows investors' confidence in the US economy and shows that they believe what President Trump has done in this field. In the face of this "step", Trump stepped up without hesitation. He gave Putin to the press shortly after the end of the press conference

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