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in recent years in Wuzhen at the World Conference on the Internet, many technology company leader in artificial intelligence is about the most, and the successive sessions of the General Assembly "Internet light Expo" has become the "big show" all kinds of artificial intelligence, especially in this year China a number of well-known Internet Co have the sun out of their "black" technology, impressive .

China's amazing progress in the field of AI has amazed the world. Reuters commented that China is expected to shoulder the United States in 5 years and become the world's leading AI innovation center. As in the United States, China has made a clear focus on artificial intelligence in both the economy and the military.

"picture: the 2017 World Conference held in Beijing on the robot multi-purpose intelligent robot.

's report by Elsa carna, a new US security center, asserts that future competition between China and the US in AI will probably change the future economic and military strength. Earlier this year, an unpublished document from The Pentagon revealed that Chinese enterprises were bypassing official supervision by buying shares of US companies to acquire sensitive AI technologies for potential military uses. Wu Enda, a famous scientist in the field of

machine learning, said that if the United States wants to keep ahead, it must focus on developing its own AI. China is no longer an idle person who relies on foreign technology in AI field. Foreign media commented that the west is also exploring when watching your Chinese technology, innovation and progress has begun to rewrite the world of artificial intelligence technology layout, the next question is Chinese still want to play with the west.

discussion on artificial intelligence will change the rules of war is not news, the Brookings Institution website has published an article in 6 suggested American betting technology, artificial intelligence technology is one of them. Now AI has made breakthroughs in assisting the decision of combat personnel and the docking of fighters and intelligent operation systems, and it has been widely applied in simulated and actual training.

now has a large number of unmanned equipment with intelligent features into the weapon storehouse of the great powers, . The most widely used US Army has nearly 10000 air unmanned systems, and the number of ground based autonomous systems is more than 12 thousand. It has become an indispensable part of US operations.

"MAARS military unmanned ground platform

in a simulated fight in June 2016, victory over the artificial intelligence system developed by researchers in the United States in 2 retired simulated air combat fighter pilots. In the simulated air combat, the blue team composed of 2 fighters was equipped with a stronger weapon system, but the red team of the AI system defeated the enemy plane through evasive action. After the end of the

competition, the pilot thought the program was very good at controlling the situation, and the reaction was also very sensitive. It seemed to predict human intentions, and quickly responded when the opponent changed his flight or fired missiles. This event has attracted wide attention, and it seems that future battlefield artificial intelligence will fully replace the future of human soldiers.

throughout the history of mankind, most of the epoch-making technologies have sprang up in the army and started in the war. They are more inspiring and inspiring in technological progress.

in the field of artificial intelligence, civilian and military limits a lot of technology is not obvious, now global technology giants also have beyond the majority of national talent and resources, and broad application prospect makes them more power in the R & D investment, artificial intelligence technology trend in the future is expected to be the leading technology giants. this is why in the field of artificial intelligence, the "military and civilian integration" of all big countries is more in-depth, even the American army "wide hair heroic post".

, for example, at this year's Internet Conference, Chinese enterprises display many kinds of AI products and technologies, which have broad application prospects in civil and military fields. They are called "black technology".

smart UAV and unmanned vehicle, the intelligent equipment can be based on the target position, accurately express delivery service customers, if applied to the battlefield will supply the front line and the back action of the wounded becomes more accurate and convenient.

"picture: Beijing International Convention and Exhibition Center held a" 2017 world robot conference attracted many viewers and professionals to visit.

in addition to artificial intelligence adjuvant therapy products, through image recognition, deep learning artificial intelligence technology and medical integration, so as to achieve to assist doctors to early screening and diagnosis of disease, if the technology used in the battlefield, will greatly enhance the work efficiency and the medic treatment rate.

and lip reading recognition, through the recognition of lip reading can achieve the needed voice recognition effect, even in noisy battlefield can easily exchange complex. In October, the PLA Air Logistics Department signed the strategic cooperation agreement on civil military integration with 5 leaders of the logistics field, and for the air force aspect of UAV application, the related enterprises also introduced the large-scale logistics.

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