Second C919 today test will verify the key performance of the engine

Wang Wei engine Shanghai

tengxunjunshi· 2017-12-17 13:46:41

in May 5th this year, the first C919 aircraft to fly the first success in China, and also to Yanliang in early November, carry out the follow-up test subjects. Today, (17) morning, second domestic large aircraft C919 will be tested in Pudong, Shanghai, which means that the development of C919 aircraft has taken a key step. The new test trail of the comprehensive test flight is gradually being pulled away.

as the second flight test of the C919 aircraft, the next 102 aircraft to do what test flight subjects? What is the importance of these test flights for the flight test mission of the C919 aircraft?

verified a number of key performances, such as the engine,

, according to the plan, 6 C919 aircraft will be put into the test flight. The 6 planes have their own priorities. Wang Wei introduced that the second flight test C919 aircraft was numbered 10102. In the future, it will test the important system performance of C919, especially the aircraft power system represented by the engine.

Wang Wei, chief engineer of China commercial flight test center, civil aircraft, we image it is the heart of the aircraft, those fuel system, hydraulic system, just like supplying blood vessels of the heart. The aircraft power system of the 102 aircraft is also very important, and it is a very important link for our entire C919 test flight.

" for next year in January to launch field test flight

Wang Wei introduced, in addition to today's flight 102 aircraft will also carry out a series of test subjects in Shanghai. Prepare for the transfer to the field. Wang Wei, chief engineer of

China Civil Aviation Flight Test Center, Shanghai: we need to check 22 systems in the main part of the country, and then we need to fly more than 120 test points. At present, we have arranged 4 or 6 sorties to accomplish these tasks. We have to transition conditions at the end of January, this is our goal.

C919 jumbo jet flight path will challenge many difficulties

as China's first self-developed C919, many test subjects of China's civil aircraft industry are for the first time, not only difficult, and high risk, this is the future of C919 flight will face difficulties. If

wants to ensure security, C919 needs to know how much the limit is, and this requires a pilot flight to get it. In particular, the risks of stall, flutter and natural icing are very high, and the consequences are unimaginable once errors occur.

China commercial flying civil aircraft test flight center general engineer Wang Wei: what is the concept of stall? If the plane was not controlled, the speed of the plane was gone. Once the speed of the plane is lost, it will fall. So how much are these things at a small speed? What is the big speed? How much is the height? We depend on us to fly out in the air.

, besides the risk of flight test, the test team of the C919 is also facing technical difficulties. Due to the C919 system and equipment in the world advanced test unit, how to better grasp the new technology and equipment, and to obtain data in accordance with the terms of flight, a hoe and flight test work.

Chinese fly civil aircraft flight test center chief engineer Wang Wei said: for example, the avionics system of us, including our flight control system, including our use of materials, there are some new techniques, the application of these new technologies will give us a flight test of a greater challenge.

Wang Wei said that the current C919 comprehensive test work has just begun, the next few years, in order to obtain a certificate of airworthiness final, has entered the route operation qualification, C919 to test the completion of the project to more than 1000.

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Second C919 today test will verify the key performance of the engine

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