The chief of the chief of staff of the Argentina navy was dismissed from the submarine incident last month


tengxunjunshi· 2017-12-17 13:46:51

data figure: "San Juan" submarine

Argentina Navy chief of staff Marcello (Marcelo Eduardo Hipolito · schlauer Srur) will be released by the post last month's submarine disappearances.

local time on the morning of November 15th, "San Juan" submarine from the Argentina Peninsula Valdes about 430 kilometers south of the Atlantic waters lost, with 44 sailors on the boat.

Reuters quoted the Argentina media reported that 16 of Argentina's defense minister Oscar · aguad (Oscar Aguad) has asked Marcello · schlauer will submit his resignation. The news was announced on the 16 day by a spokesman for the government of the Argentina government in Argentina.

Reuters said it was the first time the government of the president of Argentina, Macri (Mauricio Macri) has taken the responsibility to punish the submarines since the disappearance of the submarine.

Reuters said the family members of the missing crew accused the Kerrey administration of not communicating clearly with them and giving up rescue efforts.

Argentina's navy in November 27th had confirmed that the return voyage, "San Juan" Captain reported the submarine appeared water situation when charging, the water passes through the ventilation system into the first class boat battery, cause a battery short circuit.

Argentina Navy spokesman has said before the outside world that the "San Juan" submarine has been exploded in the nearby sea area when it lost its connection, and described the explosion as "abnormal, short, intense" and "non nuclear", probably due to high concentration of hydrogen.

submarines can supply oxygen for about 10 days under water. In November 30th, the Argentina Navy announced an action to stop searching for survivors of the missing submarine "San Juan". After the

submarine lost connection, more than ten countries such as the United States, Brazil, Chile and the United Kingdom have joined in the search and rescue work.

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