They are not vases: the Israeli soldiers in the Jerusalem conflict

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hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-12-17 13:46:54

On 6

12, the president of the United States, Trump, declared that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, a widespread protest in the Islamic world. The millennial city in the whirlpool is also the focus of attention. In the photo, the Palestinian uncle grabbed the wrist of the Israeli soldier and became the representative of the Palestinian people's protest.

however, the protagonist of this "weekend MM chart" is the other side of the conflict, the Israeli woman. Please note that the rifle throwing shell window exposed red plastic rod, that is "empty chamber flag", the whole is in a L shape, one end to be inserted into the chamber, the other end is clamped in the hull outside the window. Not at this time of the locking bolt, this is to ask around that the gun was not on the top of the bullet. It is because we see this "empty chamber flag", the "brave" Palestinian uncle came up for the countries of entanglement, photographers show against Israeli women who play, or who will go far away.

in my own professional practice, such a "brave" is really plus quotes.

is playing a very important role in the face of the Palestinians who are good at letting the elderly, women and children take the lead. They need to face the abuse of women calmly, the entanglement of the old people, the stones thrown by children, and can't fight back many times, because they are full of photographers from all over the world. They are waiting for you to do that. That's great news. They become world-famous photographers.

, many times, they also need to partner with partners to capture dangerous elements, so they can only know their identity according to their red nails and long hair.

faces the stones thrown, even if it is lifting rifles equipped with rubber bullets, the companion will also tell her that there is a photographer beside him and needs calm.

on the way to Jerusalem, there are many checkpoints, many women soldiers are on duty here. They have to check the passing vehicles to ensure the safety of the holy city.

, the female soldier witnessed her companion's assassination, and the killer escaped by taking a Palestinian ambulance, which made her mental collapse. Who is the murderer, who is the patient, the eyes of the white angel have been blinded.

Israel is the only country in the world that both men and women are required to enlist military service, and the female soldiers will be included in the combat force.

women soldiers receive the same strict training as male compatriots, so that they can participate in the war and survive.

. This is a picture of Israeli women soldiers commemorating martyrs in Jerusalem. Behind them is the Golden Summit of the Rock mosque.

, the Israeli women's army will be assigned to various combat units, including many dangerous tasks.

face such a lovely gendarmerie, naughty soldiers also have to converge a lot.

, Israeli women's self photographing is very hot. Note that this rifle also has the first picture of empty bore flag.

vacation in the Israeli women soldiers, they usually wear military uniform, do not carry guns. But at some time, they also carry guns on the streets.

, this is the Israeli female soldier in the Palestinian residential area, and she has tear gas in front of her rifle.

, many tourists will take the look of Israeli women soldiers, usually they will not refuse.

, usually in Jerusalem duty for these women soldiers is a very easy thing, because access to all have to go through multiple safety checks.

, however, with the increase of attacks, women soldiers began to fully arm themselves.

" but they will give the gun bore over the flag, tell the people around, this rifle without reloading, please don't worry.

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