China Russia joint counter-terrorism training and closing parties show advanced weaponry and equipment

Russia UAV helicopter

hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-12-17 13:47:32

12 13, China armed forces with the Russian National Guard "2017 cooperation" joint anti-terrorism exercises, a training base in Ningxia in the outskirts of Yinchuan completed the training content, successfully concluded.

" this is a special anti-terrorism combat exercise, exercise time for two weeks, in addition to small arms fire and physical training, the two sides are still in the mountains of northern the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the desert area joint combat exercise held.

" Chinese people's Armed Police Force "Fox" special forces on behalf of China to participate in exercises. Russia sent special forces personnel from the "warrior", "lynx" rapid reaction force representatives.

12" on Sept. 13 at 9:10, with 6 pieces of red flares ran off, as the speech training achievement test, officially started the joint security drill armed terrorist gangs.

" and the officers and soldiers on board were mixed into anti terrorist assault vehicles and helicopters, take step loading coordination, collaborative space, stereo, etc. into the fire fighting flexible tactics, the implementation of building blocks, cleaning up and hijacked the bus dozens of "terrorists".

Chinese armed forces commander admiral Wang Ning and deputy commander of the Russian National Guard Admiral Americo J watched the scene walkthrough and speech.

of both parties from the helicopter to the roof.

members of the two sides are marshalling together to eliminate terrorists who hijack the bus. After the

joint exercise, we will show the two sides the weapon and equipment for the joint exercise. Very interested in the special vehicle

, deputy commander of the Russian National Guard Admiral Americo J of the armed police forces.

and indicates that cooperation can be carried out at a deeper level.

of the armed forces armed forces of China's UAV.

Russian soldiers show Wang Ning the new helmet and night vision instrument.

participants on both sides sang the national anthem at the summing up commendation conference. Americo J,

, issued certificates and prizes to Chinese armed police members.

" admiral Wang Ning awarded certificates and prizes to the Russian National Guard team.

"2017" is Chinese Russian armed forces and National Guard joint exercises for the first time.

" the joint exercise is practical measure comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia, is the latest achievements in the field of security cooperation and promote the exchange of two troops, is to improve the specific action of both trainees and level of joint anti-terrorism anti-terrorism combat capability.

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