Honglei Sun is a father, and a daughter's slave is going to appear.

Honglei Sun Arale Honglei

shenbayulequan· 2017-12-17 22:23:51

notice! Pay attention!

Honglei Sun is a father! At ten one a.m. on 16

12, Honglei Sun announced the birth of her daughter at micro-blog.

came out, and soon it went on micro-blog hot search.

did not go from hot search fourth to the first.

. Many netizens are happy for Honglei Sun. They are commenting on blessing at his micro-blog.

seems that Yan Wang not only has a high value but also a good popularity.

but a lot of people, more people to send blessings, slowly also some different sounds.

is very entangled to say: alas, I do not know that it is better to say like you or not better than you.

also has the worry for the child's appearance. Directly speaking, the daughter's eyes must be like mothers. How is

? Is it openly suspicious of Yan Wang's face value?

see the red ray brother sparkly eyes!

, sorry to have misplaced the picture, it should be this one. Although

is straightforward, but netizens worry is also justified. After all,

had a discussion about Yan Wang's eyes as early as the "limit challenge".

Yan: you look at my eyes and look at my eyes.

" doorman: I can't see!

"I can not see", which greatly hurt Yan Wang's self-esteem.

although Yan Wang has been working hard at the later stage, he has the world's largest eyes in the self timer. But the image of his small eyes is still deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

therefore, the netizens' idea of Yan's daughter's eyes is also understandable.

in addition to appearance, and netizens very prescient to express: this entertainment circle needs another daughter slave.

eight sisters think this net friend says very well, because Yan Wang is actually a person who likes children very much. After seeing the lovely Arale,

smiles all over his face.

holding Arale, the smile is not close to the mouth.

" it is a pity that Arale with Yan Wang said a few words, he was scared to cry...

Arale this cry, Yan Wang Lima huangshen.

Honglei Sun scared Arale's video here, bursting point low people watch carefully.

now, many people feel that Honglei Sun's variety shows are super funny.

Honglei Sun calls himself "sun beautiful" every day on micro-blog. Every day, he has a self timer, and a friend jokes with him every day. The overall image of

can be said to be very lovely and earnest.

, but who can imagine that before Honglei Sun was very serious, a look can make people afraid of it?

"the great villain" in "Conquest", Liu Huaqiang.

has still been remembered by many viewers.

impressed me most is Honglei Sun shows Liu Huaqiang enough, "the villain of the most incisive interpretation.

strong brother eyes stare, immediately there are big guy momentum. After

Liu Huaqiang, countless people learned Honglei Sun's act, but no one could surpass him.

people are learning that he is loading B, he is real cow B.

. Many people think Honglei Sun can only play the villains. A 9.2 point "latent" seal the mouth of these people.

of the Spring Festival Gala, he played the characters play jokes, see how wide the base of the masses.

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Honglei Sun is a father, and a daughter's slave is going to appear.

Honglei Sun is a father, and a daughter's slave is going to appear.

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