Grandpa and grandma with small sweet sweet style, really down to earth!

Sweet hope Jia Nailiang Li Xiaolu

fenghuangyule· 2017-12-18 06:54:39

believe that many viewers love the most sweet hope is one of the two generation of stars, on the variety from the beginning of a year and a half, renxiaoguitai, saying, a lot of bursting point! Sweet sweet home, mom and dad are artists, so parents are not at home on business is a common thing. Although Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang have a free will accompany sweet sweet play, but always have two people in the busy time, so sweet and fragrant occasionally let Grandma and Grandpa take care of.

" in the blink of an eye, sweet hope is five years old.

, but over the years, mom is good, or grandparents bring good? On 16

12, Jia Nailiang made a small video. And give him his opinion: to be true, I still feel that grandma and Grandpa take them well!

video is divided into two parts, the first half is "Mom belt". Sweet hope around Li Xiaolu's shoulders, two in front of the camera to sell adorable! Sweet sweet pursed lips look super cute! Even the small hands are the play, and gently touch the mother's face.

, although the use of the camera with a function of animation, but sweet sweet eyes is obviously more than Li Xiaolu. That sweet sweet eyes are really beautiful!

, while the latter half of the video is grandparents. Sweet sweet little pink wearing pajamas, holding a toy parrot, parrot will not only move, but also sing Happy birthday song. Not surprised?! Isn't it unexpected?!

video, Jia Nailiang first broke the awkward calmness and asked, "who bought it? Answer: sweet hope grandma! When Jia Nailiang wanted to continue to ask "when the fun is not fun, sweet hope even poker-faced added: is false! The child's world is really simple and beautiful. Jia Nailiang could not help laughing, but he still said very well, is it!

ah, Wuli is sweet and fragrant have Jia Nailiang's skin color, facial features actually really good-looking!

" after a comparison, we found that the mother band super sweet sweet beauty, grandma and Grandpa take sweet hope especially down to earth! So the question is, Jia Nailiang love with the grandparents Miss sweet, you love a sweet hope?

has the netizen comment like this: the goddess and the woman man, bright brother you actually choose the woman man! So you are such a bright brother!

to tell you the truth, as people in the south is very small love northeast straightforward character, especially humorous, amiable and easy of approach! In fact, in addition to sweet and fragrant with grandma and grandpa can't dress too foreign, take pictures without filters, others are very good!

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