Three squirrels IPO "cancel the audit" storm: two genuine stumbling block in case of twists and turns

Three squirrel IPO "cancel the audit " storm true and false stumbling block two in this paper

weizhi· 2017-12-18 08:04:22

note: This article is reproduced in the twenty-first Century economic report written by Zhu Yiyi

, “ three squirrels ” phenomenon

&ldquo not long ago; double 11” three squirrels have just completed a round of promotional promotion. In accordance with the Convention, the company relies on the &ldquo of the e-commerce platform; the Internet brand ” the enterprise will be in “ double 12” release the latest marketing results.

but that night, once the Commission canceled the audit is “ ” publicity, a day later, was originally set a good day on &rdquo “.

a new capital story, fermenting, but not only the story itself … … (Li Xinjiang)

opinions vary, ups and downs.

2017, &ldquo, double 12” in the evening, the SFA issued the supplementary announcement for the seventy-second meeting, three squirrels were mentioned &ldquo, there were other related matters needing further verification of &rdquo, 13 words had been passed.

second days, just “ Internet leisure snack net red ” three squirrels the key node. The latter is due to “ to cancel the audit of ” to postpone the listing process.

three squirrels have become the new “ the grand trial Commission, &rdquo, has been the first case of the first IPO application to be cancelled. Since this year, there are 9 enterprises that have been cancelled.

both the three squirrels on a media response from the media team from “ ” 5 million yuan and &rdquo, or “ cooperation; financial blogger for “ the recent fashenwei unprecedented, part of the pending Company in order to revive anyone from the black ” banter talk, have left the imagination for the IPO process.

so many other listed companies also bring a linkage effect. Three


2012 squirrel case twists and turns established in February in Anhui Wuhu, with small base, a squirrel, squirrel squirrel cool three cartoon image, known to the public.

, however, is a bumpy way to go on the market. This year the

IPO application submitted in March, October 20th, the audit status is changed to “ &rdquo, October 31st, the suspension of the review; the venture board launched again to the IPO application, but the goal was paused.

last time, after the suspension was confirmed, it was related to the replacement of the signature lawyer. The market &ldquo has been triggered by this time; the suspicion of ” obviously heavier, especially the widespread concern of financial circles and the food industry.

“ three squirrels suffered what I don't know, but I know that the recent fashenwei unprecedented, in order to avoid the limelight, some companies struggled pending delay time, including please people from black, and then to the temporary stop. ” a financial blogger commented.

sparked a thousand layers of waves. The micro-blog was released, was 450 thousand and 950 thousand respectively with 340 thousand, the number of fans three financial blogger Fantong boss, Badashan debt, ODA to comment after the turn, rapid fermentation. On

12 13, three squirrels officially told the twenty-first Century business news reporter, “ in the silent period of listing, they could not disclose more information ” the suspension of IPO seemed to be an irreversible “ secret &rdquo.

logic represents a lot of market participants' true thoughts. “ just report negative news, and temporarily stop IPO self checking here. After half a year, when the market censorship is loosened, there will be no announcement. ” another focus of the

event is that three squirrels are suffering from a certain “ from the media team ” 5 million yuan “ the cooperative offer ”? This reporter contacted a number of senior people in the industry, this conjecture Public opinions are divergent. “ ”.

however, the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter to incomplete statistics, including finance, FMCG category, IT category, brand management, even as “ anti short research center &rdquo and “ P2P; ” at least 30 of the listing process from the media attention, spread out "three squirrels IPO“ pass through ” blocked, is what grabbed her tail? "", "three squirrels “ sick ”", "three squirrel IPO: two stops, road resistance and long" and other articles. A subtle evidence of

is that many other IPO companies have IPO“ procrastination ” trying to postpone the meeting time.

as of December 7th, a total of 411 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities did not have IPO queuing businesses, of which 275 were in the state of feedback, 54 were in the pre disclosure update state, and 65 were in the state of suspension review.

21 century economic report reporter has learned that, according to the regulatory level estimates, about 40-50 quasi IPO enterprises in the above queuing enterprises are not able to report material problems, and another part of the suspension enterprises affect the normal progress of IPO audit.

“ &rdquo

time coincidence way more than that. When an investment bank in Beijing was interviewed,

specifically mentioned that three squirrels were carrying a &ldquo on the back, and the betting agreement ” In December July

2012, December, the investment partners of IDG subsidiary NICE GROWTH and today's wholly owned subsidiary LT GROWTH and other investors increased the amount of three squirrels, and signed an agreement terminating the above special rights arrangements in December 17, 2015. The

agreement, agreed the three squirrels and if the parties, after the signing of the agreement has not yet within 24 months the Commission to submit application materials listed, automatically recover the priority right in the investment of the documents is investors, including free rights, the right to repurchase, mergers and acquisitions, joint right of priority liquidation rights, anti dilution rights

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