Cannes red carpet price list on the opening and closing ceremonies of 300 thousand exposure

Cannes price list Gong Li Jia Zhangke

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This year is even more for < p >, the original title: price of Cannes table in exposure to spend 30 million opening and closing ceremonies packets debut

Ni Ni Cannes as < the 69th Cannes International Film Festival is in full swing to and annual Cannes Film Festival will cause great topic in the domestic. In the absence of Chinese Film Nominated main competition unit under and up to 20 or more Chinese artists embark on the red carpet in Cannes, which in addition to a couple of Jia Zhangke, Gong Li, Li Bingbing, Yifei, well-known artists, and the N line net red also to rub the red carpet. While the network burst "sixty-ninth Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet price list" is caused by the "red carpet money question".


China Star Jibao Cannes

Cannes Film Festival before the opening ceremony, Gong Li, Li Bingbing, Liu Yifei, Ni Ni, Jing Boran and other some of China Star in Chinese films zero finalists, have announced will campaign in Cannes. These stars, Zhao Tao is the opening of the film festival invited guests, in Jia Zhangke Film Festival during the lecture, or other star is to participate in the identity of the sponsor representative, either for their own starring movie site, but to see so many Chinese face while debut in Cannes, home viewers and netizens originally is gratified, while the opening type all unitary moths "but let us see to embarrassing disease are made. Before the start of the red carpet, the southern pine uncle, Jing Boran, Ma Sicun have in micro blog announced themselves have been gearing up, the "Daomu" crew will debut on the red carpet. Who knows the end of the red carpet the figure did not see the crew, then cast a statement said because of the traffic jam, resulting in the crew delay to the site can not be successfully walked the red carpet. Legitimate users who is called "Daomu" feel pity, microblogging broke the news people "Daomu" creative arrived to walk the red carpet is the security block in the photos. Another encounter late destiny is Huang Jingyu because a network drama and the popularity of the, it is learned that he was invited to participate in a magazine. The magazine previously announced will broadcast the whole process Huang Jingyu walk the red carpet. In the red carpet also did not see the figure of Huang Jingyu, the official reason is because of the traffic jam. The official response, netizens think it is the "rub the red carpet failure".


net exposure of Cannes price table

reason netizens do not believe that given the official reason for being late, because a few days ago microblogging certified as a journalist, screenwriter, and author of the "Medina" exposed a "the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet prices," the details of a single. Including different levels of seat pricing, channels and brand theme dinner invitation price and specific requirements, various types of photography services and makeup the price tag, such as the opening a seats offer for 2 million euros, opening and closing type "the media coverage of the package of seats for 4 million euros. In this form, different grades of seats and brand channels and theme dinner invitations have a price tag. The opening and closing ceremonies of the same price, a seat 20 thousand in Europe, two seats and 18 thousand in Europe, three is 16 thousand euro. A red carpet Movie Week seats 15 thousand euro, two seats and 13 thousand in Europe, three seats 11 thousand euro. And a top charity dinner during the film festival, a single invitation price of 30 thousand euro. In addition, there are many types of photography services and makeup the price tag, such as red carpet shot 1000 euro per person. The makeup service 600 ohms / person. Form at the end of the "and other media reports, the media package, please call the Advisory". For this price list, users Tucao if true, a trip to Cannes is too cheap, "according to today, the euro, the opening ceremony and a seat is only 15 million yuan RMB, the opening closing package only 30 million yuan, 30 million yuan for Rijindoujin star really nothing! "Yesterday, Chongqing Evening News reporter for this price list of the authenticity of the interviewed several filmmakers and artists of publicity, but because the topic is more sensitive, we are not willing to respond positively. A reluctant to revealed the names of film and television company propaganda said, don't know this price list of authenticity, but indeed people are willing to spend money to rub the red carpet, "is, after all, International Film Festival, many stars feel on the red carpet left a shadow can increase the visibility. "Last year, zhangxinyu with green and red cotton padded jacket styling earn enough eyeballs, but at that time there was a media reports said the Cannes ticket is spent 20 million yuan to buy the. The "red carpet price list" released, seems to confirm that actress to spend "rub the red carpet". Driving force behind

in recent years


rub the red carpet, the stars are particularly keen to participate in the international fashion week and the International Film Festival, even if there is no work no recognizable, as if to fashion week or film festival reveal a face can on plating a layer of gold, after returning home about endorsement soaring number. This also led to the domestic stars to participate in fashion week and Film Festival, there will always be an embarrassing situation. A fashion magazine senior editor l miss revealed that the star if you want to participate in the international fashion week. There are several ways, "one is the brand ambassador by inviting brand. Second, with the star of the brand relationship are subject to the same requirements of the brand, and the third is to fashion magazine fashion website cooperation, in simple terms is these magazines and websites with stars in. "In addition to these official channels, there is also a" cattle party "to meet the vanity of the female star of the sale of tickets. Film Festival, the same is true, to step onto the red carpet at least two conditions, one is to work in the film festival debut, the second is invited by the sponsor of the Cannes, many international film festival, like the three major European film festivals, even Tokyo, Busan, Beijing, Shanghai this film festival opening ceremony, closing ceremony tickets and invitations are not foreign sale of. As more and more Chinese stars like to go abroad "gold", the outgoing red carpet price list is not surprising, but star and publicity for this list are a closely guarded secret. Born in Chengdu actress Huang Lu this year with their new "a yellow bird" in Cannes Film Festival screenings, she accepts a reporter to interview said: "I had walked the red carpet in Cannes, heard people rub the red carpet, because it originally is commercial, and Berlin rub the red carpet rarely. Even if there are stars to buy tickets do not need to buy their own, but the driving force behind the scenes or in the operation of the business. "

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