Toshiba released the world's first 9 disc 14TB filled helium mechanical hard disk

Toshiba ZA

jiguo· 2017-12-18 09:03:07

recently announced that Toshiba has launched a new mechanical hard disk, MG07ACA, with a 14TB capacity. This is also the second 14TB products in the industry that have relatively large capacity and relatively easy to carry after HGST.

but different from HGST SMR, Toshiba PMR still follows the traditional perpendicular magnetic recording technology, taking into account the current cloud storage and terabyte database rarely at the level of software facing the imbricated magnetic recording function, support good. This is definitely a superiority compared to HGST and He14.

a mechanical hard disk with different types, including MG07ACA14TE type 14TB capacity, 9 disc helium filled package, a single dish is about 1.56TB, the feeling can hold all the "delicious" picture; and MG07ACA12TE 12TB 8 disc capacity, helium filled package, single disc 1.5TB models, but also has a strong storage, whether it is movies, music, photos, learning materials can enjoy download.

" at the same time in order to maintain the slim disk sense, Toshiba uses Showa Denko production of the 0.635mm disc and the second generation of driving motor, double disk spacing is reduced to 1.58mm, PMR is the ninth generation of TDK. Performance performance, the new hard disk can reach 7200, 256MB cache, read and write speed of 260MB/s. The service life is also very powerful, the average load can reach 550TB, and the average time free time is 2 million 200 thousand hours.

Toshiba's new mechanical hard drive has not yet been sold, but the price is expected to be low.

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