A new low history of HTC U11+ in the 835 full screen

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qudongzhijia· 2017-12-18 09:05:43

When the

Android system has just emerged, it is not a star, but a HTC. HTC is a household name at that time, and the first Android handset is from its hand. With the strong rise of the mobile Internet,

has gradually dropped out of the HTC. Now, although HTC is still sticking to the mobile phone business, its share is not as much as before.

, but their products are still excellent. , such as the flagship HTC U11+ released by HTC in November, has been selling for more than a month in the past month. The price of the HTC platform on Jingdong platform is 4799 yuan. In terms of

configuration, uses a 6 inch 18:9 full screen with a resolution of 2880×. 1440, it carries 835 Qualcomm Xiaolong processors, equipped with 6GB memory +128GB storage, and the battery capacity is 3930mAh.

photo, HTC U11+ continues the advantage of high sensitivity and large pixel. The rear camera uses 12 million pixel UltraPixel 3 sensor to support OIS optical anti shake and UltraSpeed full pixel autofocus.

, to sum up, HTC U11+ configuration, license plate and endurance are pretty good. The price of 4799 yuan may be a little high. Would you consider paying for it?

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