The Russian Navy rescue ship into the professional, special design to fear the rain

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huanqiuwang· 2017-12-18 09:08:34

12 16, the Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet. A new catamaran design professional rescue ship, although it tonnage to teach small, but have strong navigability and wind resistance. It is designed in Russia for search, rescue and underwater exploration.

rescue ship has a large deck, which is about nine meters, and modularized design can install various versions of rescue equipment on deck. The

rescue vessel has installed the advanced modern radar and navigation system. The gavus navigation system can provide 10 meters accuracy for positioning.

rescue boats equipped with decompression chamber, it allows the people who just come ashore from shore to avoid accidents.

. There are telescopic cranes on the ship, which change the lifting extent by driving the boom of the boom by the action of the cylinder.

all the systems on the ship are newly developed, another decompression chamber on the deck of the rescue ship.

rescue ship search range in the depth of 60 meters, all kinds of operation mode is also very convenient.

, if necessary, the rescue ship can also carry out the fire task at sea.

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