"Quasi army officers" take you to see the same brilliant fireworks"


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" written on the front

armored cannon roar, the soldiers on the battlefield in autumn. Recently, the Army Infantry Academy Shijiazhuang campus should focus on improving trainees working at night to carry out combat capability, to carry out training of shooting night organization. By randomly selecting the region, "the enemy", issued a temporary emergency situation, to better simulate real battlefield environment, further strengthen cadets night combat consciousness, temper night combat capability. Below, let us feel the unique charm of the night shooting training through the group drawing.

"across the night sky.

"armored array.


"precision strike.

"night shooting.

"fall flowering.


"on the moment.

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source | China Army (ID:army81cn)

author Chen Chao Zhang Guichuan Song Linfeng |

photography | Zhao Wei

the Liangyu Ren editor: Qian Xiaohu

Liu Chang strong> editor on duty: "Li Hua Sun Jiwei

editor: Zhao Linmeng to pay Xiaoxiang Qi Zheng

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