At the end of the year, how to take the initiative to get a raise and raise the salary?

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to work or to become a family? One end of the year-end

-- Hugh

, while we entered at the end of ending the sprint in the side like wildly beating gongs and drums, high school textbook "bucket" overcharged for 35 farmers in the same, looking forward to his year-end bonus to multiple points.

but when the next year after the Spring Festival, received more than 35 early in the fighting during the Spring Festival after spending, in your payroll, annual salary increase rate of only single digits, while promotion is another person, suddenly feel like cheated like, was an instant hit shattered hope soap bubble!

, you always think that if you work hard, your leaders will naturally remember you, and you will never forget yourself. And where employees and leaders take the initiative to raise their salaries and salaries, and it is too much for us to pay for work. How embarrassed it is!

OMG, if you just want to graduate, it's okay, but if you graduate for over 5 years or over 30, you really need to know something about the promotion and salary increase. Otherwise, I really don't know now. I don't need to know later.

talks about a good time to get a raise and raise salary.

usually has annual salary increase in general enterprises. Usually it takes place in the first quarter, so if you have the initiative to talk about the idea of raising salary and promotion, it will be a good opportunity at the end of last year, for example, now. The process of

raises is basically the following: the company will make the overall salary increase budget in the previous year, and then decompose it to all departments. The department manager receives the suggestion from the HR department about the scope of the salary increase in the Department, and then develops the salary increase of our department.

for the most simple example, such as a department manager to be informed, the entire department this year salary 1000 dollars, not the Department Manager, a total of 3 members: A, B, C individuals, the basic wage is 10000 yuan, the final salary results are:

A:200 (or: 2%)

B:500 (or: 5% (

C:300) or

: 3%) you want to ask, the key is to who rose 5%, who gave up 2%, what is the standard? Of course, the manager himself has decided.

is not sure to do well in the two days of the assignment. It will generally lead to 1~2 months in advance. The result of the Department will be completed, and it will be handed over to the HR Department of the company to gather and check whether there is any mistake or exceed the company's overall budget.

, if you don't understand this, it's not surprising that you can't wait to see the new payroll when you wait for the automatic raise, and you will be disappointed when you see the new payroll. Because you are not in the process of recommendation or decision making. You can only wait passively for the result. This is why the

end is a good time to initiate a conversation about leadership and promotion or a raise, because this time to talk, will you suggest managers will be fully considered when the Department of internal deployment tend to you, you go up, that means someone else less or do not rise up.

unless you have made a significant contribution and cannot be covered by the salary increase of the Department, for example, the above example, if you ask or should increase 20%, the manager will apply for extra salary increase to the HR department, which must be carried out ahead of schedule.

another good time to negotiate is when you are leading a very important project and making significant progress, or leading for a period of time, especially for you. You have been praised repeatedly.

because of the initiative, leadership is a psychological preparation, and not particularly surprised or disgusted, but may also feel should be said and reward for you, as it was.

and a little reminder of the timing, including the best selection in a good mood to talk about leadership, or may be counterproductive, the bad temper over you, angry at you, this The loss outweighs the gain..

so when the end of the year and good performance are the best time for you to take the initiative to succeed. What is the reason for

to convince your leadership?

some people see this problem, will feel that it is a nonsense, and that needs a reason, I do well, I pay low ah!

really, I think you're embarrassed to talk about these two reasons.

did a good job, did you say it yourself? That's what the leader says! The leadership will not accept your own.

low salary? Who is lower than who? The company's salary is confidential, it is against the employee handbook and to dismiss the salary casually. How do you know that your salary is low? Maybe the boss still thinks you have a high salary.

so you don't get in the different positions of employees and bosses in the matter of salary, but is in fact completely, dialogue is not on a channel.

, in most cases, employees think about what they did for the company last year. They should get the corresponding rewards, such as promotion and salary increase, while the leader's point of view is, if you give a raise and raise salary, what value can you create for the company in turn?

so don't talk about your life stress, high cost, the need to support their families, who are not living in a vacuum, who are facing these challenges and difficulties;

don't you do so much work every day, work overtime, work harder than anyone else, because if you look at who walk late pay, then the security of the wages should rise;

don't say you are in the company for 8 years, wages