The world's unequal report: China is listed as a low level of income inequality


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world Inequality Research Institute (World inequality Lab) released "World Report" said Chinese inequality, residents income inequality level in the bottom seventh of the world. According to the report, China's richest 10% people accounted for 41% of GDP, according to the report, according to the report.

's income distribution is the most average in Europe, where 10% of the richest people earn 37% of GDP. Russia is 46% on China's ranking and 47% in the United States and Canada. Sub Saharan Africa is 54%, and Brazil and India are 55%. In the Middle East, the gap between the rich and the poor is the largest, of which the richest 10% accounts for 61% of the GDP.

, at the same time, the income gap in almost all countries in the world was widened at different speeds from 1980 to 2016. Since 1980, the income inequality of North America, China, India and Russia has increased rapidly, and the growth of Europe is at the middle level. The level of growth in the Middle East, India and Brazil is not mentioned, and these countries have a high level of income differentiation even in the early stages of the study cycle.

report authors believe that in a country of similar development level, the huge gap between inequality level highlights the important role played by national policies and institutions in the process of inequality evolution. The

report also pointed out that since 1980, 1% of the richest people's income has increased by 27%, accounting for 50% of the world's population and 13% of the total income growth of the poorest class.

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The world's unequal report: China is listed as a low level of income inequality

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