Le Xiangxin move together. The wing game, cooperation in the development of 3DMMORPG Mobile Games "three" Hao Yi


youxiputao· 2017-12-18 17:43:38

Le Xiangxin dynamic co-founder Chen Zhoupeng (left) and wing away game CEO Xue Liang

recently, domestic new enterprise Xiangxin dynamic music Mobile Games announced to join the wing. The game, the two sides reached a strategic cooperation, Le Xiangxin to tens of millions of capital shares. Wing game, and jointly issued a new 3D action in battle Mobile Games "three Yi Hao".

Hao Yi Three Kingdoms became one of the four domestic games recommended by Unity booth on 2017 ChinaJoy, and it is the only product from non large factories. This year 60 million investment Xiangxin also hope that with the music products Mobile Games competing in the domestic market, the depth of cooperation with the wing. The game, which become an important step to enter the market Mobile Games. At present,

has been monopolized by several oligopoly in the heavy MMO mobile market. As a research and development company of Hao Yi Three Kingdoms, the development team of wing Yao said that it has made enough preparations for this. As the executive producer of former amusement technology, wing. Game CEO Xue Liang has a unique understanding of 3DMMO products, the core team members are from the core position, swim, swim fun Netdragon and other well-known game companies, led and participated in the "citizen", "eight guardians" and a variety of tens of millions of research and development projects. Compared to the similar products on the market, Hao Yi three has its unique technological advantages. The next generation of scene modeling and Shader rendering technology of self study PBS model are at the top level in the industry.


Hao Yi screenshots of the game it is understood that the "Yi Hao three" is a MMORPG action in the war Mobile Games, choice of the majority of game player familiar with 3D's three theme, picture effect movie level and smooth as the host of the game the movement like experience for the game player to build a magnificent world war. The game is mainly called the "strong PK" combat game. It combines the sense of operation of ACT games, the sense of shattered screen attack of the host game and the dynamic real-time handover of the multi view lenses. The purpose is to enable players to feel more comfortable 3D action tour.

is worth mentioning is that the whole issue of Le Xiangxin moving core distribution team has dominated the phenomenon "Mobile Games knife tower legend", has a very rich experience for the issue, so much industry attention. The music Xiangxin founder Hou Xixi said, facing the increasingly fierce competition in the market enjoy Mobile Games, will focus on the high quality of the game and game player's reputation as the core of the product concept, to join the game. "Hao Yi wing issued three" R & D team, technical strength and professional team issue makes her confidence, believe in in 2018 Mobile Games market to obtain satisfactory results.

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