Lithuania receives "the boxer" and coach car shape is very special

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hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-12-18 17:53:48

12 month 15 days, Lithuania's defense ministry announced the first batch of two vehicles just received the German GTK "Boxer" wheeled armored vehicle coach car.

all this also from August 22nd last year to start, that day in Vilnius, Lithuania Department of defense and the European defense procurement agency OCCAR and the German ARTEC Consortium (Rhine metal defense company and Klaus Maffei Wegman) signed a purchase of 88 vehicles "Boxer" 8 x 8 wheeled infantry fighting vehicle the agreement, the agreement for the total value of 385 million 600 thousand euros. This is the maximum amount of the purchase agreement in the history of Lithuania, Lithuania has become the first overseas users boxer "armored car.

" at first, recommend Germany to Lithuania army "Jaguar - boxer" car, the car is equipped with "Puma" infantry fighting vehicle RCT-30 unmanned turret, mounting a Mk-30-2 type 30mm.

, although the German side strongly recommends this model car to Lithuania, but the Lithuania military requires the installation of Israel Rafael Samson Samson turret.

in addition to 30mm and 7.62mm gun turret gun can also be equipped with two "long nail LR" anti tank missile.

"Jaguar - although the boxer" infantry failed to impress the Lithuania military, but the German army is very optimistic about the car, and the purchase of the 100 turrets equipped with the existing "Boxer" armored vehicles.

" this is the "Boxer" coach car arrived in Lithuania military base scenario.

" the car center is a huge glass tower that can be used for instructors and students to watch the driving demonstration, improve teaching efficiency.

88 "Boxer" infantry chariot 53 vehicles by Routh Maffei Wegman Group production, 35 Vehicles by the Rhine defense metal company. It will be delivered in 2019~2021 years, and will be equipped with two battalions for the first mechanized brigade of Lithuania.

coach on both sides also has a large area of glass windows, allowing car trainees to have a better observation field.

" this special coach car is relatively rare, it is unclear the Lithuania army will be equipped with several units of the type of coach car, because according to the contract, the coach car is 2 ~ 4.

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