Is the mother-in-law forced to buy a house to cause the Zhongxing programmer to fall down? Friend: false

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family photos show ou jianxin. 2017 national day and outside the family travel. Nandu reporter Zhao Yanxiong

: a remake of dead Ou Jianxin

gender: male age: 42

from Hunan's occupation of Wugang City: zteict Technology Engineer

family: recall "Seagull" go.

Ou Jianxin friends love to call him "the seagull". They have not been able to remember how many years of this kind of endearment lasted. On the 10 day of

12, on Sunday, Ou Jianxin went out as usual.

more than 1 p.m., a phone call broke the calm. "Come on, your husband jumps down the stairs. "Ding Yan did not know at the time that when she received the phone, she had been out of her husband for more than 3 hours.

"is it a fraud call, or is it wrong? "This is Ding Yan's first reaction. Despite some doubts, she was the company that took her son West West to her husband.

has only a dozen minutes' drive from the community to the company's R & D building. When Ding Yan arrived, the scene had been blocked. Ou Jianxin remains landed a few meters outside the building entrance, a glass door on the roof is broken. The body was yellow cloth covered, three black umbrella from above, around besmeared with blood. When

saw that scene, Ding Yan could not believe that, "it might be a man who is similar to him, but not my husband." "When she confirmed it," she was shaking, a blank in her mind, like being split by thunder. " At about 10 p. m. on 10

12, Ou Jianxin jumped off the 26 floor of the company building. After the investigation of the police in Nanshan, Shenzhen, it was preliminarily identified as the high falling death and excluded the homicide. "Poor child"

ouying sister-in-law received a phone call from Ding Yan, 2 in the afternoon, she was rushed to the car Shenzhen car from Huizhou to Huiyang. On the phone, Ding Yan told her, "your brother has something to do. It's a big deal." "Ouying some ignorant, very worried to catch the incident.

ouying Xiao'ou Jianxin 4 years later than my brother a few years to work in Shenzhen. She has a good relationship with her brother. When she meets some problems at work, her brother will always guide her. In the eyes of Ou Ying, the graduate of this famous school, the brother who works in the name enterprise is much more sensible than her.

Ou Jianxin was born in a rural family in Shaoyang Wugang City, Hunan province. In the eyes of all the relatives and friends, he is a child who is very conscious.

from small to large, Ou Jianxin grades are good, is an example of the hearts of everyone. "We nurtured him and spent a lot of thought. "Mother Ma Wen said that the family conditions were not good at that time, and the land and livestock were all the sources of income. There are 3 children in the family. For a variety of reasons, "the boss has to drop out of school." "

1994, Ou Jianxin graduated from high school with honors admitted to Beihang University. Ou Jianxin uncle still remember, when not to buy train tickets. At the Changsha Railway Station, he got a train ticket to Beijing.

after graduation, Ou Jianxin entered Hunan Zhuzhou a research work. In 2001, he quit his job, came to Shenzhen and worked in Shenzhen HUAWEI for 8 years. Later, he took a master's graduate student from Nankai University. 2011, Ou Jianxin zteict Technology Co., Ltd. to work so far.

went to Shenzhen for 16 years, Europe build a new house and a car, get married and have children, become the object of envy of the home.

" during his lifetime as ou jianxin. Nandu reporter Zhao Yanxiong remake of

Liu Cheng is a good personality Ou Jianxin university students, two people were living in the opposite. In the northern system engineering of the 4 years, "he never quarreled with people, his character, others didn't quarrel with him. "After

's graduation, Liu Chengxian came to work in Shenzhen. "Then the seagull came, too." More than 20 in the class, and the other in Shenzhen. "The seagull is very popular, and sometimes his classmates and alumni want to meet, or he tells me." In the eyes of friends "

Ms. Lei, Ou Jianxin is a very gentle, very intimate and good temper.

in August of last year, Shenzhen heavy rain, Ms. Lei drove from Luohu to Nanshan Ou Jianxin home. In Europe, Ou Jianxin saw Ms. Lei's car was full of water nearby with buckets and rags cars will be scrubbed clean, "4S did not go to the store". In

2009, sister o Ying came to work in Shenzhen and lived in the Longhua district. The founding of the new European family has been more frequent with her sister's home. Later, when his sister bought a house in Huizhou, he also borrowed money from her family.

National Day this year, with a sister Ou Jianxin, with parents back home in Wugang, then to Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Changsha, also went to Wuhan.

now, this became the most clear and beautiful memory for his brother.

doesn't know why it's going to go on this road,

Ding Yan doesn't know why her husband is going to this road.

in early December 1st, Ou Jianxin told Ding Yan, leading to talk to him ". "I also consoled him, when I came out to find a better one, when people were frustrated. "At that time, Ding Yan did not realize what was wrong with her husband.

entry of Shenzhen zteict Technology Co., Ou Jianxin holds about 50 thousand shares

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