Remember Ouyang in the snowflake dragon?

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had seen the snowflake dragon dragon's hand when she was a child. Qiao Zhenyu was really handsome in the same year. ~

is going to say Ouyang Yingying in it today. Do you remember her?

" she is the daughter of Ouyang eagle, is an arrogant domineering Miss Dai, loved by Ouyang eagle.

and fry bean curd from the beginning of the quarrel, to the back gradually fall in love.

actor named Vicky Chen, Taiwan actress, host, was also a great beauty ah ~

1994 in the "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" played by little, the audience's attention.

Vicky Chen once had two marriages, but the time was no more than three years. In 1996, Howie married and divorced the following year. The new "

" The Legendary Swordsman Yue Buqun is played by Howie.

2005 Vicky Chen and Zhan Ren Xiong married one child and divorced in 2007.

Zhan is the "Kangxi" to the former producer, used to watch Kangxi from small and should often hear the name Kang relationship.

2015 went to Kangxi, and says: "come today has changed. "One of the guests Xie Lin summoned the courage to ask Vicky Chen:" what is the biggest reason you separate? "

Vicky Chen replied quietly," this is the former producer, "the other one," a very cool little sister.

right. Recently, she acted as the mother of the heroine Lin Xingchen in "dear princess disease". Did you see it?

" now although she lives alone, focus is placed on the ex husband and son of Zhan Renxiong iron eggs on the body, is a single mother strong, I hope you can soon find your happiness.

last sentence

you want to see who?

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