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3 years ago, what happened at Nike's story, now its rival Adidas who staged -- "Portland Business Journal" (Portland Business Journal) recently released a report, Adidas announced that the future will no longer produce wearable fitness the hardware equipment, the company is closing the hardware sector, but it is not clear that led to layoffs.

in fact, Adidas abandoned the hardware production objective facts have occurred for a long time, in the last year, foreign media reports, the vice president of the company Stacey Burr explicitly said: "the next period of time, you will not see the launch of the new Adidas watches. "

2013, to compete with Nike's FuelBand, Adidas released a Android miCoach SMART RUN system based on wearable watches, priced at $399, $250 higher than that of FuelBand, Adidas this watch does not depend on the connection with other intelligent mobile phone with GPS, and heart rate sensor, motor performance can be tracking users, through the screen, vibration or Bluetooth mode feedback rate and training guidance. But this miCoach Smart Run smart watch is not selling well.

2015 adidas for 220 million euros at the expense of fitness application developers Runtastic bag, which can be expected to revitalize the miCoach series of wearable devices and services, the same year, Adidas launch price of 199 yuan miCoach Fit Smart bracelet, can be used as a heart rate monitor with Runtastic, but this became the Adidas miCoach series fitness the brand has launched a tracking device of the last product.

Adidas said that it will focus on software development and operation in the future. They are also reducing the number of apps. The focus of the future will be on Adidas App and the Runtastic App mentioned above. At the beginning of this year, Adidas issued mail to miCoach users will transfer the data to the Runtastic movement, Adidas said that after December 31, 2018 will no longer support all miCoach services, will remind the user to transfer the training data from miCoach to Runtastic, the data is transferred to the Runtastic to become a senior member of the free unlimited. User data on miCoach will be deleted after the service deadline. The choice of

Adidas today is more or less the duplication of Nike team's experience of cutting off Fuelband team in 2014, and the reason is almost the same.

has made great achievements in developing Fuelband on its own before turning to apple to launch watches. The biggest contribution of Fuelband in is the activation of Nike+ community and the surge of community users.

at the same time, as more and more hardware manufacturers to enter the wearable market, Nike realized that as a sports equipment production company, and the hardware giant spell hardware R & D too extravagant, CEO Mark Parker was directly expressed, "Nike does not want to with the world's top science and technology company competition, for them, can used to collect data and information to sell more shoes and clothing Nike+ software is their focus, whether these data are collected through their own production equipment is not so important. They did not seem to expect to make money by selling Fuelband, so until Fuelband was cut off, Nike had never disclosed the sales data of Fuelband. After

, Nike will focus on software, and launch Nike+ Fuel Lab, open the API of Nike+, let partners enter the system by their products.

now, like Nike, Adidas is not going to completely disappear from the hardware field. ADI has announced that it plans to launch a Adidas version of Ionic smart watch with Fitbit at some time in 2018.

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