Encourage the United States and Japan to contain China's rise! He's doing things again!

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huanqiuwang· 2017-12-19 13:05:21

China is not fanatical "Bannon" astray. The United States

Brett news executive chairman Bart Bannon in Japan 17 days Tokyo speech, issued a "must unite to curb the rise of China" warning to the United States and its allies. Chief strategist Bannon served as president of Trump, said to have a profound impact on Trump, and also appeared in Bannon populist right-wing image, in relation to China, hawkish. In the United States, the Trump administration's first "report" the national security strategy of the upcoming occasion, Bannon again issued the hard line voice echoed some of the media broke the news report prior to the Huaqiang hard wording.

Brett Bart news said in a 17, Bannon activities involved in the organization of the American Conservative Union said that the United States and its allies in East Asia should unite and balance Chinese "fear, have no shame and global ambitions," he said, President Trump had a hand in the United States revival plan.

criticized Bannon previous administrations in the United States to curb the rise of "incompetent Chinese". As for the containment of the road, or solve problems Bannon sing the same old song, the U.S. trade deficit with China etc.. Bannon believes that the advantages of coping Chinese and growing hegemony needs the US and its allies into the "critical period of decision making". He used the twentieth Century international community's appeasement of Nazi Germany as an example, warning that a policy of appeasement against such a rising competitor like China is dangerous. Bannon also claimed that "control China there are five pillars of the world:" control chip manufacturing, artificial intelligence and other industries; to promote the "The Belt and Road" initiative to roll out 5G networks;; conversion between Renminbi and dollar; financial development of science and technology.

"Japan Times" said, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo Bannon also called "before Trump Trump, praised Andouble for the Japanese into the spirit of nationalism, not shy to talk openly about the rearmament of" important issues ", and declared in Andouble under the leadership of Japan to embark on the right path," Japan should seize the opportunity to cooperate with the United States to reshape the country's dignity".

Bannon has used "economic nationalism" summarizes foreign policy ideas, Trump proposed "America first", two people have a high degree of correspondence between the concept of. Trump Bannon served as chief strategist, has been in the trade with China hawkish rhetoric. After his departure, he made a speech not only in the United States but also a high profile in the world, encouraging the Populist Movement in the world. In November, the same is in Tokyo, with a theme of "Bannon build Asia Democracy Alliance with China and threat" speech, he expressed on China rise vigilance. Another U.S. media disclosure in November, in Bannon form a "social welfare organization", and set up a "War Council" to promote the Chinese tough policy. However, in September this year Chinese speech in Hongkong, said he was "never Bannon anti china". The

Axios website, Bannon believes that if the United States does not actively fight with Chinese, China will rise to become the overlord, and the manipulation of u.s.. The White House's critics say the idea is very reckless Bannon, could trigger a global destructive trade war.

view Bannon influenced the Trump administration's "national security strategy report"? On the 17 day of the financial times, the British Financial Times said Trump would accuse China of "economic aggression" in China. But the British Reuters 18 quoted two unnamed U.S. officials as saying that the new strategy based on "America first" policy and intention, clearly pointed out that China is a competitor, the US national security strategy should not be regarded as an attempt to curb the China, put forward a clear view of the challenges but Chinese. The Wall Street journal also said on the 18 th that the report will describe China and Russia as "revisionist countries", and believes that China and Russia want to disrupt the existing world order, and are "good at opening wars and marginal actions of international law".

of the China Foreign Affairs University Bannon Institute of international relations professor Li Haidong (ID:huanqiu-com) said that the ring is not the mainstream of American politics has been Bannon sound on behalf of. He regarded himself as a "warrior" and was in a combat state with the established elite. Before the Bannon tenure in the White House, there are many opportunities to influence Trump, after leaving the White House, he mainly through media appearances, participate in various activities to influence Trump's speech. As a representative of the right-wing forces, the position of the United States influence Bannon actual policies are not necessarily great, but left the United States, the centrist party also in the economic and trade area has some of the Chinese discontent, now the hard line in the United States have a certain social basis.

Li Haidong believes that the US's hard policy toward Huaqiang has been spreading in the economic field. For example, the US does not recognize China's market economy status recently, but if the US really wants to fight trade with China, it is obviously unwise. The Sino US trade volume is too high and the two countries are highly dependent on the economic and trade level. If the trade war is launched, the price of the two countries may be incalculable and unbearable for the United States.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying 18, America's "national security strategy report" as the principle of said, in view of the importance of the United States and China, with the fact that the two powers and a permanent member of the Security Council, we hope that the U.S. national security strategy for

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