The Taiwan military responds to the mainland military aircraft around the platform: the warplane will hang the bomb

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huanqiuwang· 2017-12-19 22:40:58

source of images: Taiwan United News Network

[World Wide Web Roundup] recently, the mainland frequent military aircraft around the Taiwan Strait, causing the island parties concerned. On the 19 day, Taiwan Defense Department responded that Taiwan army had been collecting relevant information about mainland military aircraft, "they are very important materials for future combat operations". "

" according to Taiwan "Central News Agency reported on December 19th, PLA 8 fighters yesterday continued to open long, across the Bashi Channel to the Western Pacific, the Miyako Island channel after flying back to the resident. According to the information published by the Taiwan Defense Department and the Japanese defense Province, this is the ninth flight of the PLA military aircraft after the nineteen largest party of the Communist Party of China.

Defense Department spokesman Chen Zhongji in response to the press conference 19, said the Taiwan army in accordance with the relevant provisions of the combat readiness training, "how to do on how to do." The Taiwan Army aircraft will hang up the bombs, besides the air, it also includes the ground and the sea. The three armed forces can make early warning and grasp the whole situation and publish information timely. "What is the desire of

for the frequent winding of the PLA military aircraft? Chen Zhongji said that the mainland military aircraft went to sea for training, let Taiwan military aircraft prepare for combat training. On the contrary, Taiwan's military aircraft were also collecting relevant information, such as whether the mainland fighter has bombs, flying area, flight route and so on.

finally, Chen Zhongji also raved, "Wen Wu, in an attempt to frighten panic attack, is to achieve the lowest cost to benefit".

on the hot "Liberation Army Air Force sea ocean training", the people's Liberation Army Air Force spokesman Colonel Shen had said, the party's nineteen big victory held after the air force should focus on improving the ability to win the new era, carried out a series of open ocean training, aircraft track constantly stretched far more practice the more strong ability of system carry out training; sea ocean air force, in accordance with relevant international law and international practice, this is the air force's mission, responsibility, play, legitimate, reasonable and sensible, but also in accordance with the plan as in the past, fly far deeper.

Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Ren Guoqiang solemnly said that Taiwan is a part of the China. The PLA will be in accordance with the annual plan routine training. We have reiterated many times that we are willing to strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification with utmost sincerity and utmost efforts. At the same time, we are capable, confident and able to safeguard our country's unification, sovereignty and security and territorial integrity.

for media keen speculation "the PLA fighters around Taiwan, Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said in a press conference earlier, the PLA military related activities in the plan is the routine training, guarantee the stability in the Taiwan Strait is opposed to" Taiwan independence ", adhere to the" 92 consensus ", take the road of peaceful development of cross-strait relations.

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